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Physical WWE Hall Of Fame, Undertaker At Royal Rumble?, Why We Oppose PIPA & SOPA, Financial Backing Of ROH & TNA

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Do you think WWE will ever make a physical Hall of Fame building like there are in most major sports?

While not finalized, there have been rumblings about WWE building a physical Hall of Fame. I'm unsure of the proposed location and other details but it's a likely a project that will be undertaken in the future. Right now a lot of resources are being allocated to launch the WWE Network so I don't see it as something that is imminent; however, it is something that I believe WWE officials find of interest.

I read somewhere there were plans for The Undertaker to return at Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Is this true?

I haven't heard that and the return date for The Undertaker remains unknown. I can confirm he is in preliminary plans for Wrestlemania XXVIII with the talk of his opponent being Triple H. There's talk of using another WWE Legend in the match that I detail at this link.

In short can you explain to me what PIPA and SOPA are all about and why they pose a risk to this website?

The Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act are two pieces of legislation in the House and Senate respectively. The latest is that voting on the bills has been delayed until further evaluation can take place, however, I want to see both bills destroyed not delayed. They were created in order to stop online piracy but they go a step further and would allow the United States government to DNS block any website that linked to pirated content. What worries me is that WWE, who supports the bills, could claim that Wrestling News World infringed on their intellectual property (by covering shows, spoiling storylines, etc.) and lobby for a DNS block from the United States government. WWE, in essence, would be able to capture 100% of the Internet market by getting blocks to every publication they deemed existed on their intellectual property. While we are not currently in violation of any of these laws, both bills could change that. I feel the bills would have a dramatic effect on the Internet, shutting down many blogs, opinion-based websites, search engines, etc. Only the corporate giants would survive and there would be a tremendous bias in the information that would be available. I agree something should be done to stop online piracy but these bills are radical and were created by people that do not understand the Internet or how it functions.

I hear Ring of Honor and TNA Impact Wrestling are not well off financially. Do you think they could develop a working relationship that could compete with WWE?

This is 100% false as both Ring of Honor and TNA have significant financial backers in Sinclair Broadcasting and Panda Energy respectively. While neither promotion is even close to competing with WWE, they have multimillion dollar corporations funding them. Sinclair provides ROH with an opportunity they did not have when they were independently owned and what needs to happen now is continued growth and interest in the product. It's going to be very difficult if not impossible for a company to compete with McMahon, however, it's been done before.

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