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Why does WWE keep wrestlers like Mark Henry, Kane & the Big Show around when they've pretty much faced everyone in the business. I know that all three are very popular but it gets a bit boring to watch the same matches over & over.

There is always a spot for savvy veterans in this business and all three of the workers you mentioned are valuable assets to WWE in and out of the ring. Mark Henry, Kane and Big Show have proven they are able to portray multiple gimmicks successfully and provide WWE with a recognizable name to help others. In the locker room, they serve as great mentors to younger workers that are just getting their start. Someone Tweeted me a couple weeks ago that having veterans such as this still in prominent storylines on TV was a sign WWE wasn't creating new stars. Nothing could be further from the truth as WWE has done a good job in developing the next wave of talent, while blending in aforementioned veterans. Speaking of which, Mark Henry, who hasn't been healthy, was on the road with the company over the weekend.

I was just reading an article about Bret Hart and he was talking about the infamous "Montreal Screwjob." I wasn't very old at that time or watching wrestling. Now that I am an avid fan, what did that all entail and was it scripted or not?

Bret Hart was about to leave the WWF for WCW in 1997 and he was the WWF Champion. Hart had worked out a deal with Vince McMahon where he would go into Survivor Series 1997 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada against Shawn Michaels and defeat him and vacate the title the following night on Monday Night Raw. McMahon went behind Hart's back and altered the finish of the match without Bret knowing. McMahon told Shawn Michaels and referee Earl Hebner what to do and they executed it. This is extremely abbreviated but is the overall gist of what happened.

Do you think the way CM Punk left WWE will keep him out of the company's Hall of Fame?

History will be kinder to CM Punk but I have no idea what his departure means for a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction. From what I've been told, Vince McMahon hopes Punk will get the itch to come back, while Triple H is ready to move on. Punk's WWE contract is up this week and by all accounts, he's retired. To be quite honest, I wish him the absolute best and we'll try to keep tabs on what he does but I'm tired of talking about it. Punk had a great career but left on his own terms. While I understand this is a tough business and Punk can be stubborn, I believe he left a lot of money on the table by walking away. That's commendable but if he ever chooses to come back, I don't think he'll be as hot as he was when he had the chance. However, that may not even matter to him.

Why has Roman Reigns kept The Shield gimmick, while Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have moved on?

WWE is in the process of differentiating The Shield members as singles participants, even keeping Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns away from one another last week (although they'll tag with John Cena on this week's Raw). The Shield had already been converted into a babyface faction and with the time and resources spent on the gimmick; the decision was made for Reigns to keep it. He's seen as the top Shield member, even though it was Seth Rollins picked to turn heel and align with The Authority. Out of the three, I'm more worried about the gimmick of Dean Ambrose. The "wife beater" and jeans is too similar to Luke Harper.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2013: After watching Daniel Bryan over the last several weeks I’m convinced he’s on an entire different level. I’m convinced he can realistically challenge John Cena for WWE’s top spot. What are your thoughts? - Daniel Bryan is a star but this is nothing new to many of us in the IWC. Many (including me) have been saying Bryan could be a main eventer in WWE for the last decade. Vince McMahon continuously pushed back on the notion but after all these years, he’s changed his mind. Daniel Bryan is not only proving to be the best worker in the world (surpassing my #1 ranking of Kurt Angle) but he’s showing to be the best worker of a generation. Did you hear the audience at WWE Raw this week? Bryan is as over as anyone in the company and he absolutely has a realistic shot at surpassing John Cena as “the guy.” Daniel Bryan is a “LeBron James type talent” and is finally getting to prove what so many have known all along.

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