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What is the backstage opinion of The Prime Time Players? I feel both have a lot of talent.

I haven't heard anything bad about Darren Young or Titus O'Neil and think WWE views them as a viable tag team. The booking of the team seems to follow the uncertain direction of the tag division in the company but the fact they worked CM Punk & Curtis Axel, who are obviously held in very high regard, indicates positive standing backstage. As for my thoughts, I'm high up on both and feel Titus O'Neil has one of the best looks in the company.

What has become of Rey Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio has remained out with issues related to his knee and is currently shooting for a return to WWE by SummerSlam. He remains under WWE contract and isn't ready to retire but he's already tried to rush back, only to end up back on the sidelines. Mysterio is best suited to let his injury heal before trying to get back into the ring.

Will The Shield fall into the curse of tag team champions who lose non-title matches? I'm speaking specifically of the clean job they did on Smackdown against Christian and The Usos..

While the aforementioned bout obviously did not involve the WWE Tag Team Championship, I get your point. I'm not a fan of the way The Shield has been booked lately but WWE is clearly pulling them back. As much as I'm high up on Christian, I don't understand why they booked him to get a clean pin [against The Shield] on the June 28th episode of Smackdown. The Shield avenged the loss the following week on Raw, then Christian went on to beat Damien Sandow on Main Event. He later did jobs to Randy Orton on Smackdown then to Kane on this week's Raw. My point is why put The Shield under at all in that spot? Many are optimistic WWE is pulling back on the faction only to see a resurgence but I do think we are seeing the unfortunate results of booking backwards. While the WWE Tag Team Championship match is on the Money in the Bank Kickoff show, the program with The Usos is beneath where the faction has been working. When you don't "book upwards" and start at the top, there's nowhere to go but down. I hope we don't see Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns going under in non-title matches (as well as Dean Ambrose and the United States title) but there's nothing I can write that will say it won't happen either. There is a bigger picture but The Shield is clearly below where they were their first six months in WWE.

Is there any chance at all Mark Henry will pin WWE Champion John Cena at Money in the Bank on Sunday?

There is always chance as anything can happen in WWE although I look at John Cena as a "heavy favorite" to retain the WWE Championship against Mark Henry at the pay-per-view on Sunday. Match placement will be interesting, as WWE knows they are going into a "hostile environment" in Philadelphia, and this won't garner the reaction the return of Rob Van Dam in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match will draw. Another thing to consider is WWE's plans for SummerSlam. Will Henry remain in the title picture or will WWE opt to do something with Daniel Bryan? CM Punk already has a program with Brock Lesnar although Ryback's name has been thrown in as a possible contender. Let's wait and see but I'm predicting Cena to go over.

When do tickets for Wrestlemania XXX go on sale?

Tickets for Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans are scheduled to go on sale some time in November 2013. We'll be covering it extensively and as soon as we get a firm date with pre-sale information, we'll be sure to pass it along.

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