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CM Punk

Given the fact CM Punk didn't appear on this week's Monday Night Raw is there a chance he might not show up at WWE Payback on Sunday?

I do not see how WWE can advertise CM Punk for WWE Payback and not deliver. If you read our Backstage News update from Monday than you weren't surprised he didn't return on Raw as some were speculating. Obviously in this business anything is possible and Punk won't be able to return in Chicago as a heel. The fact this program with Chris Jericho has been built without Punk appearing has created doubt that has resulted in intrigue.

Do you see a program between The Wyatt Family and The Shield?

A lot of people have asked this one and I actually wouldn't be in favor of it. Programming the two new factions would mean one would come out a "loser" and both need to be booked with confidence as newer workers. It would also require one to work as a babyface and that's not a good idea either. Furthermore, The Wyatt Family and The Shield are similar in that there are three members each but they are comprised differently. While The Shield is being booked as a "dominant trio" where "all parts are equal," the Wyatt family is built on Bray Wyatt and "his followers."

Will the WWE Network be available in the United Kingdom?

WWE has plans to launch the WWE Network internationally as well as domestically. There was even talk it could be easier to get carriage agreements overseas before they get them in the United States.

What are your thoughts on the rumored in-ring return of Hulk Hogan?

Hulk Hogan has flirted with the possibility of returning to the ring since late last year. His most recent tease really got people talking when he Tweeted he was training for the "last time around the block." Bully Ray, while obviously working, teased the possibility of a match with Hogan while doing media for Slammiversary. While I have serious questions about Hogan's ability to perform at a level desirable given his age and health, I would prefer to see him be able to follow-up on all of his mic work. Hogan still gets a good bit of air time yet he doesn't work. Being able to get back in the ring would at least offer some type of payoff.

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