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Push For 3MB?, WWE's Stock, TNA Boom Or Bust, WWE Commentators, Most Underrated

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Antonio Cesaro

Do you see a push for 3MB in the near future?

I think what we currently see with 3MB is exactly what the group is intended to be. They're comedy and glorified enhancement guys, used to get other people over. Not every team or faction is created to "climb the ladder" like The Shield and there are some guys that are used to make other guys look good. This doesn't mean the trio is doomed. Dolph Ziggler was booked as a glorified enhancement talent with a male cheerleader gimmick (The Spirit Squad) and recovered to become World Heavyweight Champion. Ryback was basically an "extra" in The Nexus and is now a main eventer.

What is your opinion on WWE stock, is it a buy or a bust? Also if TNA was a publicly traded company whats your opinion on the same question: a buy or a bust for long-term growth.

I'm not a stock analyst and it would be irresponsible of me to provide my readers that trust me with stock advice. I will caution there is a lot of uncertainly surrounding the future of WWE Studios and the forthcoming WWE Network although the company has a lot of cash and no long-term debt. WWE pays a dividend so you'll make money just for holding the stock. I can't say either way but never invest more than you can afford to lose. As for TNA, I have no idea of their financials. While Jeff Jarrett told me two years ago they were turning a profit, I have a hard time believing that. There's a lot of expense in regards to talent and now with TV going on the road, I just don't see how they come out ahead. TNA is poised for growth with a talented roster, national TV deal and a committed financial backer, however, these aspects have been in place for several years now. However, as we saw with WCW, once things catch fire they can turnaround quickly.

Is JBL now a permanent fixture on the Raw commentary team? I believe it's a great addition.

Yes, as we noted here on, John Layfield is now a fixture on the Raw announce team. Someone accused me of showing a bias towards JBL but I'm telling you the truth when I say he's a valuable addition to commentary. He's just one of those guys that "gets it" and makes Michael and Jerry better. It would also be remiss of me to not mention the improvement of Michael Cole. Cole stepped into impossible shoes to fill. He was expected to go out and replace the best play-by-play man this business has ever seen in Jim Ross. He stayed the course, even when it wasn't easy, and I feel has shown tremendous improvement. I am very high up on announce at the moment and we've listed the teams for all WWE programming at this link.

Who are the most underrated superstars in WWE and who do you see as the next breakout star?

Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro are by far the two most underrated workers in WWE. Either one could single-handedly carry WWE as "the guy." They can work, they can talk and they have looks that make people notice them. Not only that but both are diverse enough to work in any role asked and actually make it believable. No one knows for sure why Cesaro is being buried but I'm hoping he recovers because he's a future star in this business. Bryan finally got a World Heavyweight Championship reign but ended up back in the mid-card. He could have easily gotten down and "mailed it in," but he embraced his new role and got a mid-card comedy gimmick over like rover. Guys like Bryan and Cesaro are extremely rare. They are real talent and WWE would be blowing an extraordinary opportunity if they don't use them to their full advantage.

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