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Pushing Ziggler, Misused Talent To GFW?, Lack Of Indy Coverage, Severity Of Daniel Bryan's Neck Injury

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I think Dolph Ziggler deserves a spot near the top or at least a viable main event opportunity, however, comments such as this probably didn't help his cause. How likely is it the company restarts on him?

Dolph Ziggler's main event push was derailed last year after suffering a concussion at the hands (or foot) of Jack Swagger. The concussion was so severe, Ziggler thought it could be career-ending and he ended up suffering another one in January to Ryback. Compound this with some controversial comments and Ziggler finds himself in the WWE midcard. There have been signs of life lately, however, I don't think anyone considers Ziggler at the level of Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt at this juncture. I actually believe Tweets and comments are overblown and it has more to do with Vince McMahon's vision of who he sees as a top guy. I'll argue that Ziggler does not have the support of top WWE officials as a viable main event talent, so he's treated more as a midcarder. I disagree with that assessment and feel Ziggler has a very high ceiling if given an opportunity, however, it's anyone's guess when or if management's position will change on him. Dolph is outspoken and he's known for not holding back but I don't consider that as detrimental as some might think. WWE buried him after putting him over at Money in the Bank last year, even before a lot of the stuff he said, which tells me there is a lack of confidence in him.

Do you believe that R-Truth and other misused talent in WWE would fare better in Global Force Wrestling?

I get this type of question a lot but it's usually along the lines of, "do you think so-and-so would do better in TNA?" However, due to budget cuts, TNA no longer provides the opportunity as a fallback option. I will continue to answer this question like I've answered it in the past and that is why would someone leave the biggest and most successful pro wrestling promotion on the planet to work somewhere else? Unless Global Force Wrestling could offer a talent significantly more than what they are making in WWE, I absolutely do not see the incentive. It's time that some people accept that not everyone can be a top star and that's just the way the business works. Sure there is a lot of untapped potential, however, that doesn't mean a change of scenery guarantees superstardom. Kurt Angle has been paid handsomely since leaving WWE for TNA but I truly believe he would jump at the opportunity to return to WWE. Hogan sure did. So unless it makes financial sense, I do not see talent leaving WWE for "better opportunities" elsewhere.

With all due respect, why do you only report on TNA and ROH when you aren't reporting on WWE? If you ask me, companies like CZW are way more talented than companies like TNA and ROH.

We've actually stopped covering Ring of Honor and all independent wrestling promotions here on This was a decision I made over the course of the last couple of years as I found readers were more interested in what is going on in the mainstream promotions rather than what was happening on the independent scene. That's not to say the independent scene isn't important or there aren't stories we'll track, however, my time and resources are better spent on going after the news and information from the mainstream. Further, it becomes very difficult to track what independent promotions and appearances are legitimate and which are not. There are some questionable tactics used by promoters and I want to make sure I do not promote a show where my readers are going to get ripped off. One of the breaking points for me ceasing ROH coverage was their inability to broadcast iPPVs and refusing to refund customers that purchased them (they instead offered credits for another show). We also received threats from ROH over embedding YouTube videos (that weren't uploaded by us) so I just found it was better to move on.

How serious is Daniel Bryan's neck injury?

This is something I talked a lot about in Tuesday's WNW Premium Mailbag. There is no such thing as a neck injury that isn't serious. Head and neck injuries are always serious and carry extreme risks. While the vibe on Monday at Raw was Daniel Bryan would be back sooner than later, his procedure would be minimally invasive and everything would be just fine, I can tell you the company is very worried. The fact of the matter is no one knows exactly the extent of the injury until after surgery is done. This is why the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is being held in question. All we can do at this point is hope for the best and hope this is nothing more than a blip on the radar.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2013: How long does a Wellness strike last on someone’s record? Is it like MLB where you do it multiple times and you are out or if you are clean for 1-2 years and you get a clean slate? - WWE Wellness strikes do not go away. One strike and the worker is suspended for 30 days without pay, two strikes and the worker is suspended for 60 days without pay, three strikes and the worker is terminated. If the worker leaves WWE with one or two Wellness strikes, they’ll return with those strikes. If a worker is terminated for three strikes (which has never happened), they cannot come back for at least one year. When/if they return, they would be subject to more stringent testing and would carry two Wellness strikes. WWE has an FAQ attached with their Wellness Policy that you can read at this link.

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