R-Truth's Career In Jeopardy? HBK To Work One More Match? Pro Wrestling Online Only? My Favorite PPV?


Do you think R-Truth put his WWE career in Jeopardy by doing non-PG stuff at JCW?

For those who are unaware of the situation that prompted this question I reported last week that R-Truth had done a surprise set as the opening act for Insane Clown Posse on their Marvellous Missing Link Tour. He performed material that he had written that was more fitting of the Juggalo's in attendance than say your average WWE viewer. To answer your question though I don't think this will have any ill effect on R-Truth and his WWE status. I don't know much about the details but I assume Truth would have had to clear the performance by WWE first, and even if not he is entitled to pursue projects outside of WWE like anyone. I would also find it pretty hypocritical of WWE considering they work with Steve Austin, who does a version of his podcast outside WWE that isn't exactly very PG. Not only that but you have John Cena putting out an album where he raps and doesn't exactly always use PG material with his words. Any kind of repercussions on R-Truth would be very disappointing to hear about and would seem very unjust in my mind and I'm sure if there were any we would have heard about them by now.

What are the chances of Shawn Michaels returning to work one more match at Wrestlemania? With all the comparisons between him and Dolph Ziggler it could lead to a possible storyline and would be a good way to push Ziggler the way he needs to be.

As we all know in the wrestling industry one can simply never say never. Anything is possible in terms of Shawn coming back for one last match but the question for me is more around if I would want him to do that? My answer to that would be no. When Shawn Michaels was retired by the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 he said that there would be no coming back and there would never be one more match and that's what I hope he decides to stick to. I don't want to see him become another Terry Funk, or Ric Flair or Mick Foley or Hulk Hogan, who have said so many times that they are done, only to come back for one last match again and again. Shawn is the type of performer who wouldn't want to just come back for the sake of having one more match, and who knows maybe if the circumstances are right you will see him back in a WWE ring for one last match. We all know a lot of former wrestlers struggle to adapt to life after wrestling and I'm sure Shawn has been no different. But is he the type of guy to just come back for no reason? I don't think so and I hope he sticks to his word and remains retired so we all remember just how great he was in his prime.

With the ever growing rise and success of popular streaming services like Netflix and the WWE Network do you think it's only a matter of time before pro wrestling will only be available online?

There's no denying that online streaming services are on the rise with so many options to choose from now like Netlix, Amazon, WWE Network, MLB, NDA, NFL, NHL and so many others offering a streaming service to their content. When it comes to wrestling as a whole industry then no I don't think it will be a case of where there is never any wrestling on mainstream television as there will always be a core audience that makes up television only viewers. Some areas of the world don't all have great internet, or in some cases any. But there is no denying that online streaming is becoming a more popular and attractive option for promoters and fans as it's engaging a section of the fan base they may not have been able to touch previously. Just look at how much more content is now available online worldwide when it comes to wrestling that many fans might never have seen from Insane Championship Wrestling to New Generation Wrestling to New Japan Pro Wrestling to WWN Live. I've always believed that streaming of content will be the future and I don't see that changing with the way the world is going but I can't ever foresee a time where pro wrestling isn't on television in some form.

What is your favourite Pay Per View that you have seen and why?

If we're talking about just WWE then I think without question Wrestlemania 30 is probably the one I will always remember. I say that mostly for the shock of Undertaker losing to Lesnar, plus the drama of Daniel Bryan's championship win and the emotion of that moment making it a show to remember. The sight of all the fans chanting Yes as Bryan stood celebrating as champion was amazing and something you can't just create without the right build. I'm also a fan of Money in the Bank 2011 for the John Cena versus CM Punk main event where Punk won the title in Chicago, and I'd be a fool to leave out Wrestlemania 23 as one of my favorites because I was there to see it live.

Outside of WWE, I'd say Insane Championship Wrestling have put on some great shows but I'm expecting their upcoming show at the SECC in Glasgow on November 15th for Fear And Loathing will be their biggest and best by far. I also enjoyed a show run by Juggalo Championship Wrestling called Legends and Icons because of the amount of names and great matches on that card. And I also loved watching the King of Indies tournament this past year during Wrestlemania weekend as each match on the card was great quality from top to bottom and introduced me to some amazing talent I had never heard of until that time.

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