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R-Truth's Transition, Scott Steiner In TNA, WWE Stars Forced To Remain In-Character?, Zack Ryder's Title Loss

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Is R-Truth a face or a heel?

R-Truth is in another transition from heel back to babyface. How about his “I don’t even know if that’s PG!” line on Monday's Raw Supershow? The character of R-Truth interests me because of how split WWE officials are regarding it. Vince McMahon sees Truth as a heel while the majority of the creative team sees him as a babyface. It has been a constant tug-of-war that has literally played out on television.

What is the latest on Scott Steiner. Is he still under contract with TNA?

Scott Steiner is under contract with TNA and currently working in India for their Ring Ka King promotion. The crew is in the country this week taping more television. For all updates regarding Ring Ka King, go here.

Are there any restrictions to WWE stars that are vacationing or injured? Do they have to remain kayfabe in public?

It used to be that a worker was to remain in-character when in public; however, this is something that is now very uncommon. There are a few workers that practice the "old school" mentality of not breaking character but in the day of the Internet, where most fans realize the product is scripted, a lot of worker's break kayfabe while outside of work. A heel that doesn't want to be bothered by signing autographs and taking pictures can always "play up" their gimmick but it's not required by WWE.

I recognize the squashing of Zack Ryder was probably more about building up Jack Swagger and then allowing for the John Cena character change, but what are your thoughts on taking the title off of Long Island so quickly? Was it because of a legitimate injury, or lack of faith in his character?

Zack Ryder dropping the WWE United States Championship on Monday night was to sell his "injuries" that he suffered at the hands of Kane and to build up Jack Swagger. However, I cannot confirm there were not ulterior motives. As I've reported on Richard's Backstage Blog, despite being over, there was some concern about Ryder holding a title at this stage in his career. The telling factor will be how he is booked going forward.

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