Rain At Wrestlemania, Shane McMahon's WWE Departure, Brodus Clay MIA, How Long Will Daniel Bryan's Reign Last?


Am I the only person to realize that Wrestlemania XXVIII next year is outside this year? I can understand continuing to wrestle if it is a light rain but what happens if a thunderstorm pops up?

I can assure you that you are not the only one that realizes Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida is an outdoor venue. WWE will prepare for weather just as they did when Wrestlemania 24 was held outdoors in Orlando with a canopy over the ring. Obviously WWE officials hope it doesn't rain but they will make sure the ring surface stays dry. You can view a photo of the Wrestlemania 24 setup at this link.

Will Shane McMahon ever return to the WWE? And if so, will he end up taking over the company?

There's no way I can give you a definitive answer if Shane McMahon will ever return to WWE. Shane left WWE to pursue other interests and Vince was less-than-thrilled about his decision. However, Shane saw the company as being ran by Triple H and Stephanie and decided he wanted a new challenge. As far as I know he's content with his new position as CEO and Chairman of YOU On Demand.

Why has Brodus Clay still not made his debut on WWE Raw Supershow?

To quote Brodus Clay from his Twitter account, he's being held back like a seatbelt. I can almost sense his frustration with each passing episode of WWE television; however, I do not know the mindset of WWE creative. He did have some heat for Tweeting about an angle with John Morrison which ended up being changed to The Miz writing him off television.

How long will Daniel Bryan's reign as World Heavyweight Champion last?

I am hopeful that Daniel Bryan will have a respectable reign as World Heavyweight Champion. However, I would be lying if I told you I'm not holding my breath every time he is booked to wrestle. People can call me a Daniel Bryan fan boy all they want but the fact of the matter is Bryan has paid his dues and is the best worker in WWE. He has earned this opportunity and it's about time the company received a makeover at the top.

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