Randy Orton A Top Guy Again, Jericho’s Spot In WWE, RVD’s Contract, Rhodes A Babyface

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Is it safe to say that WWE has a restored confidence in Randy Orton as a main event talent?

Yes, WWE has restarted on Randy Orton as a main event talent. As the world found out last week, Randy is not only making "main event money" but he's making top guy money. The reason he's been relegated the mid-card over the last 14 months is due to another violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. He had a lot of heat in May 2012 but has obviously regained favor backstage. Orton once again has a lot of influence and stroke.

It's been great watching Chris Jericho "pass the torch" in his latest run with WWE, however, do you think he'll be rewarded for doing the business a favor for putting over workers like Fandango and Ryback? Perhaps another title reign?

Chris Jericho has had a great year and has "given back" to the business by agreeing to work guys such as Fandango and Ryback. I don't think a title reign is likely at this point in his career but we can never be sure in this business. Some are concerned about the number of losses Jericho has had but losses aren't going to hurt him at this point. He's not in the plans for SummerSlam and had an outstanding match on Raw against Rob Van Dam. Jericho's position in WWE is similar to the position of Shawn Michaels towards the latter part of his career. Available to work angles and compete in top level matches but out of the title picture.

Is Rob Van Dam back as a full-time wrestler?

Rob Van Dam is back in WWE under a part-time schedule. He's working a lot of dates early on but has likened his contract to that of the aforementioned Chris Jericho. It's amazing how much momentum RVD has back in WWE following a month of vignettes and two return matches. He's also scheduled for this week's Smackdown taping.

Is Cody Rhodes slated to turn babyface, do you agree with this?

The plan coming out of Money in the Bank (and continuing on this week's Raw) was to program Cody Rhodes with Damien Sandow with Rhodes as babyface and Sandow as heel. The idea is to push both of them at the same time. I'm all for pushing younger talent so any storyline for Rhodes is an improvement from where he's been booked lately.

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