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Randy Orton At SummerSlam, What's Next For Daniel Bryan, Divas (Or Lack Thereof) On Raw, Damien Sandow

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Were you surprised that Randy Orton was not immediately placed into a storyline on Raw? Do you think he'll have a match at SummerSlam?

WWE wanted to bring Randy Orton back on the live show and give him a chance to work. While his stock has fallen due to heat from his second documented WWE Wellness Policy violation, there are preliminary plans to book him in the top of the card. Orton is advertised to appear at this week's Smackdown taping so perhaps he will get a storyline there. I would be surprised if Orton were left off the SummerSlam card.

With his feud with CM Punk behind him, what is next for Daniel Bryan?

Based on what WWE did on this week's Raw it appears WWE is rehashing the program between Daniel Bryan and Kane, perhaps for a match at SummerSlam. As is the case with Orton, both Bryan and Kane are advertised for this week's Smackdown taping so we should get further clarification of the direction WWE intends to take after the show is taped.

Can you explain why even though WWE Raw is now an hour longer they still can't find time to slip in one Divas match?

We have had a lot of readers email in and ask about the Divas and there is no way I can explain the thinking behind not featuring even one Divas match. WWE doesn't highlight their Divas based on in-ring work and some would probably point to AJ's increased role on television as the highlight from the Divas.

Do you see Damien Sandow getting a massive push in the future?

WWE officials are high up on Damien Sandow and I'm a fan of the gimmick. I can't help but see Hunter Hearst Helmsley when I look at Sandow but he has a long way to go before he reaches that level. As for a monster push, it depends on the reactions he draws from his current push before being elevated.

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