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Randy Orton Carrying Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler's MITB Briefcase, Jeff Jarrett Update

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Recently you talked about the main event scene on Smackdown. You mentioned that there's feeling that nobody can carry Smackdown. Isn't Randy Orton someone that could carry Smackdown?

Smackdown is perceived as Randy Orton's brand, however, there is a lack of faith in having him put it on his back due to Wellness problems. It would be inaccurate for me to state there was no confidence in Orton but he's clearly taken a hit due to his two strikes. As for the future of Orton, watch this and tell me a heel turn isn't near.

Has WWE lost faith in Dolph Ziggler? What do you think about putting the MITB briefcase on the line at WWE TLC?

Dolph Ziggler is nearing a pay-per-view match against John Cena, one month after being the "sole survivor" at Survivor Series. Ziggler's stock is trending up in WWE. I do not like the MITB briefcase being on the line at WWE TLC, especially against John Cena, because remember he won the WWE Championship shot that he lost on the 1000th episode of Raw last summer. I've heard a little bit about the company's thinking but I'm not sure I understand.

What is Jeff Jarrett up to these days?

Jeff Jarrett is still involved with the business side of TNA Wrestling as the last we heard he was looking for new investors. The company is currently highlighting his program with Kurt Angle on their "Unfinished Business" PPV series.

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