Randy Orton Refusing To Put Over Talent?, NOC Main Event, WWE's Outrageous Political Ploy, Punk vs. Austin And/Or Rock

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Is there any truth to the rumors about Randy Orton refusing to put over younger talent?

A lot has been said/written about Randy Orton and just like most top stars, a lot of it is conjecture started by people out of jealousy or personal resentment. Orton has a lot of stroke and while the feeling is he doesn't have the pull he once had, he continues to be booked in a top role and will be starring in a new WWE Studios production. His match against Dolph Ziggler at Night of Champions was well done and they seem to be focused on getting Orton back in the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

What are your thoughts on the WWE Night of Champions main event?

I'll give you my personal reaction twenty minutes into the match; John Cena and CM Punk killed it. Last night's main event was an outstanding bout that had the crowd into every near fall. I'm not sure the outcome worked with it appearing Cena had gone over only for the referee to announce both workers had their shoulders on the mat. The company obviously wanted to setup a rematch (probably at Hell in a Cell) and help get heat on CM Punk in Cena's hometown. Had Cena gone over people would have been complaining about super Cena but there are some down on Punk's extended reign. There is no pleasing everyone but I enjoyed the Night of Champions main event.

I heard WWE is removing footage from the Attitude Era due to attacks on Linda McMahon's Senate run? Is this true?

WWE announced Thursday they are removing some dated and edgier footage from digital platforms due to the misuse in political environments. I, along with most of you, am completely outraged over it. Why can't Linda McMahon just "own it" and explain the difference between entertainment and real-life? Politicians in this country will do/say anything to get elected. It's so frustrating WWE is erasing important parts of their history in hopes of getting Linda McMahon in the US Senate.

Do you see Steve Austin vs. CM Punk or The Rock vs. CM Punk happening in the near future?

If you would have asked this question a few years ago I would have said absolutely not but things have changed. Starting with The Rock vs. Punk, there has been a lot of talk about this being the title match for Royal Rumble. Obviously it's contingent on Punk having the title into the Rumble but it's a very real possibility. As for Austin vs. Punk, this is a match WWE would like to do at Wrestlemania but it's contingent on Austin's desire and health.

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