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Randy Orton Smackdown's John Cena?, Does TNA Have A Wellness Policy?, Kurt Angle's Contract Status Revealed, WWE Terminating Top Talent For Wellness Strikes

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Will Randy Orton be turning heel anytime soon or has he turned into the Smackdown version of John Cena?

Randy Orton is currently working as a babyface and is the top guy on Smackdown. If you are comparing Orton to John Cena in that sense, he is "Smackdown's John Cena" although I'm not much for that comparison. Orton has transitioned from heel to babyface a couple of times in his career and has been successful in each role. He's look at as the number two guy in the company behind Cena and is able to work whatever role the creative team needs. Right now it appears that he has stepped into the Wrestlemania XXVIII program that was rumored to be pitched for Mark Henry (as the company considered continuing his push as a babyface). I don't know what the future holds for Orton but it's a pretty safe bet he'll be competing for the World Heavyweight Championship after Wrestlemania.

Does TNA Impact Wrestling have a Wellness Policy like WWE?

No, TNA Impact Wrestling's drug testing is nothing like that of WWE. They do test, however, the failures do not usually result in disciplinary action and there is no "strike system" like there is in WWE. Furthermore they do not release the names of those that fail drug tests and do not offer all the WWE Wellness Policy has to offer.

How likely is it that Kurt Angle would end up back in WWE? He has been loyal to TNA and Dixie Carter but last year I heard a rumor that his contract was about to expire and he was thinking of going back to WWE, but with all that said would it be likely he could end up in WWE over the next few years or still remain in TNA?

Kurt Angle signed a new three-year contract with TNA Impact Wrestling in September 2011. Apparently he considered another WWE run but I don't know how much interest there was in him and if any actual negotiating ever took place. Angle is happy with his spot in TNA and enjoys his salary while he pursues outside interests.

Would WWE terminate a main event worker if they had three Wellness Test violations?

Under the WWE Wellness Policy, any talent with three failures would be terminated. There have been conspiracy theories about the lack of top stars that have failed Wellness Tests, however, it's not my job to examine those theories. You can look at a list of all of the names WWE has announced that have failed Wellness tests since November 1, 2007 at this link.

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