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Randy Savage & The WWE Hall Of Fame, The Four Horsemen, The Other Side Of Vince McMahon, Booking Of Mark Henry

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I know WWE usually only inducts one headliner into the Hall of Fame per year and this is year Edge is that headliner, however, what about Randy Savage? Don't you think he should be inducted given his tragic passing last year?

Randy Savage getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is a complicated issue and while he certainly deserves the honor, Hall of Fame inductions are ultimately decided by Vince McMahon. It's very well-known that Randy's name was off-limits in WWE for years because of an order directly from Vince. Many people, including former WWE creative writers, felt WWE was very hypocritical with their tribute packages for Savage at the time of his passing given McMahon's strong "Savage ban" while he was living. While I was glad to see whatever issues there were pushed aside to honor Savage's career, I don't know where Vince stands in inducting him into his Hall of Fame. There are other deserving names that have been blocked inductions because of personal issues with McMahon but it will be interesting if Randy's death changes Vince's stance.

Who all is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame under the Four Horsemen faction?

WWE issued a press release yesterday confirming the following names as inductees as the Four Horsemen - Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and manager J.J. Dillon. In other words, bad news for all the Steve "Mongo" McMichael fans.

Why is Eddie Guerrero's name not mentioned on WWE television any more? Don't you think WWE should at least mention him on the anniversary of his death?

Not only did Eddie Guerrero receive a "first ballot" WWE Hall of Fame induction but Chavo (his nephew) had a job in WWE until last year and Vickie (his wife) and Shaul (his daughter) are still employed. I'm not sure what else you expect but not only has Eddie been honored by his former employer but McMahon has been very gracious to the entire Guerrero family.

Why has Mark Henry been booked so weak lately after being billed as an unstoppable force?

Mark Henry is currently injured which is why he's been booked like he has over the past month. The injury, to his groin, isn't significant enough to write him off television, however, it was significant enough where Vince McMahon made the decision to take the title off him. The good news for Henry fans is that he's still working in the main event. I also heard Henry felt like he could work through it and didn't want to drop the title but McMahon made the decision to book a change at last month's TLC pay-per-view.

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