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Raw Back To 2 Hours?, Triple H's In-Ring Future, WWE Developmental PG, Commentary In Arenas

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With the three-hour episodes of WWE Raw not going as planned, could you see
them going back to two hours?

I am not quite sure what you mean "not going as planned" because despite the fact this week's show left a lot to be desired, it held its own in the ratings. The only way WWE is going to return to two hours is if the show struggles in the ratings as they are making more money in advertisements by going three hours.

Is Triple H retiring and if not, when will he return?

Triple H signed a new performer's contract earlier this year that doesn't expire until March 30, 2016 so there are plans for him to continue wrestling. However, he's still a semi-retired pro wrestler that is focused on his executive responsibilities for his inevitable succession of Vince McMahon. There are no immediate plans for him to return to the ring hence the second storyline "broken arm" angle.

Does WWE's developmental program follow the same PG initiative as far as promos, head shots and blood?

Yes, WWE's developmental program, now called NXT Wrestling, follows right along with the PG initiative that we see on WWE television. The idea is obvious in that the company wants to season their developmental workers appropriately so the transition for call-ups is as smooth as possible.

Has WWE ever considered streaming their commentary in a way where it could be heard by people that attended television tapings?

A few years ago I remember the company selling headphones at the merchandise stands in the arena where you could listen to the commentary but I do not believe they still produce them. I agree it would be nice to be able to hear the commentary while attending. Since I never experienced the headphones perhaps if someone is reading that bought them could provide us with more insight.

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