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Raw Talent Already Being Misused?, Ambrose's Title Reign, Undertaker's Next Match, Reigns's Demotion

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Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

With Sami Zayn on Superstars and Kevin Owens in a tag team, what are your feelings on Raw's booking and its use of a reduced roster over three hours plus?

SummerSlam is driving the majority of the booking decisions right now so I wouldn’t read too much into Sami Zayn working on WWE Superstars or Kevin Owens being placed in a tag team with Chris Jericho. The real test for guys like Zayn and Owens will come after SummerSlam when the Raw roster will begin running their own pay-per-views, which should provide more opportunities for them to shine. Perhaps more problematic is the lacking quality of Raw as of late. The audience was flat this week and while competition was stiff with the Olympics, it’s not going to get any easier with Monday Night Football. And how about the much hyped angle between Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan? It resulted in an underwhelming main event that didn’t line up with the current direction of storylines. I still feel that Raw being three hours is too long and WWE struggles from week to week to fill the show with content. Unless they really amp it up with the cruiserweight division, less talent options isn't going to make that any better.

Should Dean Ambrose get long title reign or short title reign? Tell us why either way.

Dean Ambrose has held the WWE Championship since June 19, 2016 and should retain at SummerSlam. I am always an advocate for long title reigns because longer title reigns make the titles more meaningful and add to their prestige. Dean Ambrose is establishing himself as a top star and it’s the right move. The more clean defenses he has, the more his reign will mean. A loss to Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam would be a terrible move and would damage what WWE has built.

Will we see The Undertaker again?

I am hopeful The Undertaker will work again but there hasn’t been a lot of communication between him and WWE recently. In fact, I don’t know if he and Vince McMahon have spoken at all since April. Undertaker has postured like Wrestlemania 32 was his final match but I think I speak for the majority of WWE fans that hope to see him get a proper goodbye.

With Roman Reigns going after a less meaningful title is this a punishment or a way to rebuild him in a way and get less heat off him?

In a way it’s both. Vince McMahon had begun to wavier in his support of Roman Reigns and then he failed a WWE Wellness test. Roman got to come back in the Battleground main event but has now been scaled back in this midcard program with Rusev. WWE will hope it will cause the fans to finally accept Reigns [as babyface] so they can move him back to the main event. Midcard titles have been used in the past to establish talent as The Rock started as WWF Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia.

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