Reigns' Nursery Rhyme Promos, Shield Comparisons, Authority Awful, Hogan Inducting Savage

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Who writes the material for Roman Reigns? Him talking about “climbing a beanstalk” just did nothing for me on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. These silly nursery rhymes promos takes away from the intensity that made him a star.

The narrative being pumped out is that Vince McMahon is writing these “nursery rhyme” promos for Roman Reigns then questioning if he really is “the guy.” The undertone is that Vince went ahead and agreed with Triple H to push Reigns, only to derail it in storyline.

I find it hard to believe that Vince would intentionally sabotage someone that could make him a lot of money just to prove a point. Maybe I am underestimating the immaturity of McMahon but I just don’t buy that accusation.

I agree the promos are mind-boggling and do nothing to enhance Roman Reigns. It’s almost like we’re all being ribbed with the literal cartoonish writing. It’s so over-the-top and PG-geared that it's guaranteed to backfire.

When The Shield debuted, I enjoyed the work of Seth Rollins the most. Now that he's at the top of his game, do you see him as the modern day Shawn Michaels?

This is the first that I’ve heard Seth Rollins compared to Shawn Michaels, as it’s usually CM Punk people are comparing him too. Dean Ambrose as the modern day Brian Pillman and Roman Reigns as the modern day John Cena. Such comparisons can be helpful but I like to look at Rollins as the first Seth Rollins. Ambrose as the first Dean Ambrose and Reigns as the first Roman Reigns.

These guys are all talented on their own right and while the talent before them paved the way, I don’t pay too much attention to said comparisons. I do think it speaks to the potential of all three Shield members they receive such comparisons.

I will agree that Seth Rollins has been elevated the most since the faction split and that was more than evident in the closing segment of this week’s Raw when he was left standing tall.

You've mentioned before The Authority is too unstoppable with the booking of their character(s). And it's always the same thing too. Powerful Authority, then all of a sudden, John Cena saves WWE. Then, Authority back in charge, John Cena again, saves the day. Do you think WWE has just given up?

This has been my complaint with The Authority since their creation. They always find a way. It’s something Triple H alluded to in last week’s kayfabe interview with Michael Cole, The Authority always wins.

While those comments were kayfabe, it’s a serious problem and it impacts the entertainment value of the villainous faction. When Mr. McMahon was feuding with Steve Austin at the peak of the Attitude Era, he took his knocks. Hunter and Stephanie don’t take theirs and their return just after a month off TV exemplifies that.

If the story they’re trying to tell is that Sting is going to come back and “finish what he started,” what’s the difference from the story told at Survivor Series? Yes, it’s like they just hit a repeat button and aren’t even trying.

Really, Hulk Hogan inducting “Macho Man” Randy Savage? They didn't even like each other in real life! Isn't it a bit of an insult to the Poffo family to not offer the induction to them?

I’ve addressed this a couple of times but this will provide me the opportunity to recap. First, we have to remember the commercial tie-in to the WWE Hall of Fame and the opportunity to sell tickets and hype Wrestlemania. Yes, it’s still very much an honor to get inducted but there is a promotional component to consider. Having Hogan act as Savage’s inductor gives WWE the opportunity to promote him for Wrestlemania 31 weekend. I explained more in Monday’s Premium Mailbag.

Secondly, according to Hogan, they squashed their beef months before Savage’s death. We detailed that story at this link.

As for the Poffo family, Lanny stated in a programming cut-in on the WWE Network they are all excited and happy for the fans with the induction.

I wasn’t pleased to hear Hogan would be inducting Savage for the same reasons you probably aren’t pleased but it is what it is and at least Savage is getting inducted. The additions of talent such as Bruno Sammartino and Savage go a long way in legitimizing WWE's highest honor.

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October 2009: Do workers have any influence on when they cash in their Money In The Bank Contact? - No, the workers do not have any influence on when they get the title shot. All plans are done by the WWE creative team.

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