Reigns & Rusev Poised For More, Bully Ray In WWE, Hardy's Future, The Ascension Disappoint?

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As the majority of WWE fans know, Roman Reigns is being built up as the next face of the WWE. He is the favorite to win the Royal Rumble but do you think an angle where he loses the Royal Rumble because of Rusev which leads to a feud which finishes at Wrestlemania would be better for both superstars? Everyone who feuds with Rusev gets over with the fans and this could help him win the fans who aren't in to Roman Reigns. This could also elevate the US championship simultaneously.

It’s interesting that you mentioned this as Roman Reigns vs. Rusev headlined Sunday’s WWE live event in Beaumont, TX and it’s a match they did continuously on the holiday tour loop and on TV before Reigns was injured. The future is bright for Reigns and Rusev and the fact that WWE feels comfortable enough for them to headline speaks volumes. I see a lot of potential in both and believe if utilized correctly, they could be staples in the main event scene for years to come.

However, I do not feel they should work one another at Wrestlemania. I believe both Reigns and Rusev are better suited working against talent that are already established at the pay-per-view in March. This would alleviate pressure and provide them with experience on the big stage.

No one seems to be campaigning for Rusev as the next face of WWE but there is a strong argument for Reigns to “take the reigns” at Wrestlemania and go over Brock Lesnar. I believe that spot should go to Daniel Bryan because Bryan was on the cusp of becoming WWE’s face last year. However, let me be clear, Reigns has everything it takes to become a top guy in WWE.

Have you heard about whether Bully Ray and/or Devon are coming to WWE now that they are both not signed by TNA anymore?

I have not heard anything recently about either Bully Ray or Devon coming to WWE. No disrespect to Devon but I believe if Bully Ray could get a WWE contract, he could have a very successful “final” run in WWE as a singles superstar. I’ve heard for years there is heat between Triple H and Bully Ray so whatever issues exist, would have to be worked out. I believe there was talk of Devon getting a deal as an NXT trainer at one point but if there is a chance of Bully Ray getting a singles run in WWE, it would be big money. As I noted over the weekend, here on, Bully Ray remains a free agent.

What’s the possibility that we see Jeff Hardy in WWE again?

This question pops up all the time and what I can tell you is that Jeff Hardy is under contract with TNA Wrestling, at least through next month. He signed his most recent extension in February 2013:

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Jeff has said he would like to finish his career in WWE, whenever they might be. I know WWE was interested the last time his deal was up but they obviously did not come to terms and I cannot confirm they even spoke with him.

Is it me or does The Ascension need some serious tweaking to be successful on the main roster? They were on twice this week and neither match did anything to sell them.

I heard and reported here on Premium The Ascension had heat for appearing out of shape. Remember, Bo Dallas got heat for appearing “pudgy” when he was called up (after a previous run as an NXT star on the main roster). It’s just one week, they’ve been on the shortlist for a call-up for quite some time. I’d rather give them more time to see what happens. They are being hyped for this week’s Raw as this is from the company’s official preview:

All eyes, it seems, are on WWE’s newest tag team, who picked up two decisive victories last week. First, the face-painted warriors soundly defeated newly former WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & Damien Mizdow on Raw, then Konnor & Viktor utterly demolished two local competitors on SmackDown.

This unusual duo is already poised for big things as we kick off 2015 in WWE. Who will be next to face these snarling Superstars?

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2012: Why did Kizarny leave the WWE? He obviously had a connection with Edge and he had beautifully strange gimmick – certainly one I hadn’t seen before. What happened? - In June 2009 I spoke at length with Kizarny about his WWE release (interview here). He told me all of the producers gave him high marks on his matches and all of the writers were happy with his work. However, he told me that Vince McMahon was set on him as a babyface while everyone else felt he should be a heel. He was disappointed the company gave up on him so quickly but it’s just how things happened.

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