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Released Stars To TNA?, WWE's Bizarre Day, Plans For Heath Slater, Not Shying Away From Negative Press

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Note from Richard: There will be no Ask WNW next week as I'm taking my one vacation/holiday of the year. The next installment of Ask WNW will run on Monday, June 23, 2014. Thank you for your support!

With all the recent cuts WWE has made and TNA's need to bolster their roster, is here any chance that superstars like Evan Bourne or Brodus Clay get signed by TNA?

There is absolutely a chance, however, we have to remember that TNA is being very economical in their signings. If any of the released workers were willing to work at the rate TNA wanted to pay them, they could obviously choose to sign a contract. However, AJ Styles has shown there is still a very active independent scene to work on and there is the option of going to Japan as well. Jeff Jarrett, boss of Global Force Wrestling, teased interest in the released talent on Twitter.

Why did WWE announce the releases of Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Aksana and Marc Harris prior to Smackdown airing?

Nothing WWE did on Thursday made sense. The timing of the releases, the fact Stephanie McMahon was scheduled for a major appearance and keynote speech at the same time or Mark Henry's ill-timed "birthday" Tweet, where he's now threatened Curt Hawkins if he doesn't apologize. I have no idea why WWE was so careless in the announcements and will tell you it was very un-WWE like. Perhaps they feel after the disappointing TV licensing agreement, they aren't as worried about negative publicity. Maybe they wanted to get the announcements over and done with before the end of the week but I can't explain it. As someone that follows WWE very closely, I was much more surprised with how WWE handled the releases than any of the actual cuts.

What are the plans for Heath Slater, do you see a push in his future since 3MB is no more?

Health Slater is fortunate to be employed by WWE after his fellow 3MB members received pink slips this week. His release would have looked really bad considering the company just announced his daughter was born last week. Slater is a talented guy but currently used as an enhancement talent. I can't say I see a push coming because WWE has shown nothing to indicate one.

I thought Triple H was against publicized releases and preferred to let contracts expire. What's with Thursday's series of releases on behalf of WWE?

As stated, nothing WWE did on Thursday made sense. Many of the names that were released were considered to be on the company chopping block and the names that were on TV, such as the 3MB members, Marc Harris or Aksana - none of them were being prominently featured. Triple H had a policy in place for well over a year (if not longer) to downplay releases, allowing for contracts to expire and refused to make mass cuts public. Maybe Vince McMahon decided it was time to send a message they were cutting dead weight. I chronicled the bizarre day in an in-depth piece at this link. After 7 years of working to downplay and eliminate negative publicity, WWE saw a swift reversal on Thursday. Things haven't died down either. On Thursday night, Mark Henry, who Curt Hawkins called an idiot, threatened Hawkins. Henry, who has an active WWE contract, was certainly not very Be-A-Star like in his response to Hawkins name calling.

From the Ask WNW vault…

June 2012: Why does Vince McMahon hate Jim Ross so much and ridicule him? - I am assuming you are talking about Vince McMahon’s impersonation of Jim Ross in the segment with Hornswoggle on Raw Supershow. Vince does not hate Jim Ross, Vince likes to bully him. It’s like Vince gets some type of sick pleasure by picking on JR. One thing to keep in mind is WWE is ran under the high school jock mentality with some people getting bullied for the sake of a cheap laugh. It’s very disrespectful, especially to a legend such as Jim Ross who is the best play-by-play man in the history of the wrestling business.

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