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Replacing Stephanie McMahon, Why Monday Night Football Can't Be Blamed, HHH's Regime, How WWE Handles Weed

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The New Corporation

If the ratings and buyrates continue to fall to the ground should Vince McMahon remove Stephanie as Head of Creative and appoint someone like Paul Heyman or even a returning Vince Russo?

Stephanie McMahon is EVP of Creative but let's be very clear, things start and end with Vince McMahon. He's been giving Stephanie and Triple H more responsibilities in the day-to-day as they move to succeed his leadership but he still has the final say. I'm not saying that Stephanie's position is in title only but Vince is still very hands on with the product. Even with that being said, Stephanie isn't going to lose her position as she is at the top of the chain of command. The decline in viewership and pay-per-view buy rates will likely trigger a response, which will probably end up with Vince himself returning to television.

I've noticed that everybody wants to blame the very low ratings Monday night on story lines, however, they had a very good advertised undefeated game on Monday Night football with the Saints and the Dolphins so wouldn't that be the real reason for the killer

This week's Monday Night Football game between the Dolphins and Saints drew an average viewing audience of 13.7 million viewers, which was actually down from the 13.9 million the Broncos and Raiders did the week prior. Last week, Raw did an average viewing audience of 3,739,000 viewers so it wouldn't be accurate to put the slide on WWE's top competitor. The fall competition is stiffer which is why it's important for storylines to be their most intriguing. For whatever reason, the corporation angle is not resonating and WWE has a problem heading into the pay-per-view on Sunday.

With Triple H taking the throne from Vince in the future, do you think we would see a better overall product?

I like the aspect that Triple H brings to the table of being a former worker. He can relate to the boys in a way that I think could be very beneficial to the company moving forward. So far, I've been pleased with his brainchildren, which include the revamp of the company's developmental system. He's certainly the right guy for the job and more than qualified to take the reigns from Vince McMahon.

With WWE's Wellness program, what kind of contract does RVD have knowing that he is a huge marijuana advocate and user?

There are a couple of things to consider. First, if a worker tests positive for marijuana, they are disciplined with a $2500 fine but not a strike towards the three-strike program. The fine was originally $1500 but was raised when workers continued to rack up the fines for positive marijuana tests. Another point to consider is that if a worker has a valid prescription, they're excused for the positive test. There are some exceptions with a few substances being banned outright but marijuana is not one of those substances.

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