Revamped Ryback, Patience With Big E, The Rock/WWE, Thoughts On The Shield

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Mick Foley & Ryback

A couple weeks in, what are your thoughts on Ryback as a heel?

I've been higher up on Ryback the past two weeks (three counting the initial turn) than I've been on Ryback since he debuted the character. The heel turn is more believable and provides substance and gimmick progression. He got his first real test on the stick during the in-ring segment with Mick Foley on this week's Raw and I think he passed. The segment wasn't flawless but it wasn't bad either. Kendra Bunyon graded it a B and I'm in agreement. His goal was to make fans hate him and he accomplished that goal in London.

Now that Ryback is a heel, wouldn't it make more sense to turn Big E Langston as a babyface and program him against Ryback?

Not so fast my friend! The best thing that can happen for Big E Langston is for him to continue in his current gimmick. Right now he's in the shadow of Dolph Ziggler. This isn't a bad thing and can be used in a multitude of ways. Obviously the out is Big E "grows tired" of Ziggler and turns on him, however, this isn't something that should be rushed. It would be a mistake to try and push him too hard too fast right out of the gate. Let's give him some time to develop before clamoring for a turn.

So we all know now that The Rock won't be able to compete at Extreme Rules due to his injury but my question is, if he didn't get injured what type of match would he be in? Would he be wrestling for the WWE title again or was there other plans to use him?

The Rock decided against working Extreme Rules before he worked Wrestlemania 29. The word going around was he didn't want to do another job in a match presumably involving John Cena and CM Punk. In hindsight, those plans would have probably been out the window as Punk is doubtful for the pay-per-view due to time off. Rock also begins filming "Hercules" soon and there could have been a scheduling conflict. As things currently stand, Rock is out of the WWE plans indefinitely.

What is your overall opinion of The Shield?

The Shield is comprised of three guys that flat out get it done. I haven't seen anything that I would call "bad" and it all comes down to how WWE decides to progress the gimmick. Do they add more members or disband? The key thing here is not to overkill the gimmick past its lifespan but I'm very optimistic in regards to Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

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