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Rey Mysterio At Royal Rumble, Evan Bourne's Career De-Railed, Randy Orton Return Update, Luke Gallows

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Could you see Rey Mysterio returning to WWE at Royal Rumble later this month?

Rey Mysterio has been pretty consistent that his goal is to return for Wrestlemania XXVIII in April. Obviously a return at Royal Rumble would mean he is ahead of his rehab schedule and would be kept a surprise. I've heard very little from Mysterio since November when he promoted Wrestlemania tickets going on sale in Miami. You can read comments from Mysterio in an article by The Miami Herald at this link or you can also watch a video update he gave back in October at this link.

What are your thoughts on Evan Bourne getting suspended for the second time?

Evan Bourne's 60-day suspension from WWE for his second violation of the company Wellness Policy is very unfortunate and has the potential to de-rail his promising career. One of the quickest ways for a worker to lose their fan base is to fail a Wellness test. I've found that very passionate wrestling fans have zero tolerance for guys with Wellness problems; however, as we've seen with Jeff and Matt Hardy, they can be very forgiving as well. The main thing Bourne needs to do right now is get his life straight and realize he's literally got one more chance before his dreams are crushed. Bourne is a guy that has defied the odds because of his size and made WWE push him because of how over he was. However, he's in very bad standing right now with two Wellness strikes and backstage heat to boot.

When will Randy Orton return?

Randy Orton was scheduled to return from his back injury at this week's television tapings; however, his return was pushed back. Orton is scheduled for Sunday's Supershow live event from Las Cruces, New Mexico on Sunday. If he returns I would expect him back at next week's TV tapings just in time for final Royal Rumble build.

I've seen Luke Gallows work in Alabama three times since his WWE release. Is there any chance he ends up returning to WWE or going to TNA?

Luke Gallows is currently working for TNA's Ring Ka King promotion in India. He's also on an upcoming indy show in the Philippines featuring several former WWE names (click here for more information). As of this writing there is no interest within WWE in Gallows.

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