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Richard Reacts To CM Punk/Paul Heyman "Heart Attack" Angle From WWE Raw

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What's your take on the CM Punk/Paul Heyman segment where they mocked Jerry Lawler and his heart attack on this week's WWE Raw?

This was the most asked question of the day so I want to make sure and address it as thoroughly as possible. My first surprise of the evening was the fact they were filming when Jerry Lawler got the paddles backstage and was shocked back to life. The fact someone decided to get that on tape leaves me with some questions. While JBL likened it to an NFL game, I'm not sure I agree. Sure there were cameras around the event but what's the purpose in filming something like that? Even if it was filmed for say, legal purposes, is it really necessary to re-air it?

I spoke with a lot of very upset people that night and the fact someone had the audacity to film Lawler as he laid there dead, pretty much tells you all you need to know. Nothing is off limits in Vince McMahon's world but showing that particular footage left a bad taste in my mouth.

The video package was meant to get people as emotionally connected as possible to turn it into an angle that would result in enormous cheap heat on CM Punk. I'll admit I got "chill bumps" when Jim Ross announced Jerry Lawler and his music hit for his emotional return. I even Tweeted about how good it was to see The King walk down the ramp to a tremendous ovation.

I stepped away from the TV for a moment and returned to see Punk on top of Paul Heyman, "performing" CPR on him. I immediately knew this was something that would be very controversial and something they never would have done while Linda McMahon was running for public office. Yes, this was the first angle where they decided to "push the envelope" for the first time in several years.

As for my reaction I wasn't offended by any of it. Perhaps it's because I know when it comes to Vince nothing is off limits but offensive wouldn't be the right word for this. I didn't like the footage being shown of Lawler getting shocked just because there's nothing entertaining about watching another human being struggle to hang on to their life. That was a very real moment that had a lot of people extremely shaken up. Moments like that shouldn't be used for fictitious wrestling angles and I thank God he didn't die that night.

The stuff with Punk/Heyman was a way to generate enormous cheap heat and I honestly didn't have a problem with it. Distasteful? Perhaps. Unnecessary? Probably. However, I wasn't outraged to the point where I turned it off. It was more of "Vince being Vince" and him being able to peel back that sick layer in his head he hasn't been able to use since Linda has been running for public office.

The angle worked well in that it generated a massive response and is all anyone is talking about. A lot of the people complaining it was sick, disgusting, shameful, embarrassing, etc. are the same people that say PG needs to go and it's time to return to the Attitude Era. News flash folks, the Attitude Era was full of moments, much worse, than what CM Punk and Paul Heyman did on this week's WWE Raw. The Attitude Era was all about pushing the envelope as far as they could and at times was embarrassing to watch. But to say you want this type of programming to return then are "outraged" when it does, is clearly to talk out of both sides of your mouth.

All and all, this week's Raw was one of the better episodes in several weeks. The fact something happened that has my Ask WNW mailbox flooded is good news as the audience has been dwindling going into Survivor Series on Sunday. The footage of Lawler being shocked back to life and receiving medical attention was uncalled for but as for the Punk/Heyman stuff, they were just generating heat. Had Lawler have actually died, it would have been an entirely different story.

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