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The Rock's WWE Future, Mainstream Media Doesn't Understand, WWE's Stock Plummets After Subscriber Announcement, What's Next For Brock Lesnar

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What is The Rock's status with WWE after his appearance at Wrestlemania on Sunday? One more match?

When The Rock first came back to WWE in 2011, it was to appear at Wrestlemania over the next three years. That deal was fulfilled with the hosting gig followed by the two matches against John Cena. He wasn't in the plans for this year's show but there is a chance he could return next year. I'm still gathering details but will have more on a potential main event involving The Rock at Wrestlemania 31 next week.

While covering the death of The Ultimate Warrior, Nancy Grace attributed Owen Hart's death to steroids and Colin Cowherd blasted CM Punk for what an unverified Twitter account Tweeted to him. What's wrong with the mainstream media when it comes to pro wrestling?

Television and radio personalities such as Nancy Grace, Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, Bill O'Reilly, Rachel Maddow, etc. are entertainers, not reporters. Their job is to say things that people will care about. It doesn't matter if the response they garner is positive or negative, it just matters they get a response. Not only do they not have to report the facts, they often spin things to the point where it's nothing more than subjective conjecture. In the recent cases of Nancy Grace and Colin Cowherd, they had a point of view and they were going to reenforce it, even though they didn't care enough to do a simple Google search. It's unfortunate that such erroneous material can get spread to the masses in such an irresponsible manner but it happens every day. The only difference in the Warrior coverage is this is something we know and care about. I'm sure there are plenty of other issues we aren't as invested in, where the wool is pulled over our eyes, like the millions of sports fans that now believe CM Punk weighed in on Ultimate Warrior's death. If there's one thing I learned in covering the Chris Benoit tragedy several years back, it's the mainstream media cares more about viewers and less about the facts. It's all about ratings and nothing about telling the actual story.

You spoke briefly about the WWE Network having 667,287 subscribers on Wednesday. Do you think this was expected and is it good or bad news? Any explanation for the downward trend of WWE's stock price since the announcement?

WWE's stock has taken a beating since the company announced on Monday they have 667,287 WWE Network subscribers. I look at it more as a market correction as the stock was likely overvalued in anticipation of the announcement and the forthcoming WWE domestic television deal. I truly believe the number of 667,287 WWE Network subscribers is neither good nor bad. It's middle of the road. On one hand they're more than halfway to their target of 1 million subscribers, a benchmark they've said they must reach before the end of the year for the WWE Network's launch to be successful. On the other hand, subscribers will have their first chance to opt out when their 6 month commitment expires in August, so it's not as simple to say they just need 332,713 more subscribers. They'll need that many before commitments come up in August and more to offset the loss of people that may not be interested until Wrestlemania 31 next year. As for the new WWE domestic TV deal, that's expected to be announced at the end of this month/early May.

What's the direction for Brock Lesnar after ending Undertaker's streak?

We can argue that Brock Lesnar's stock is higher than anyone in WWE after ending the streak on Sunday. The biggest question that will have to be answered is what's next? I'll admit I'm much more on board today with Lesnar ending the streak than I was after it happened on Sunday, however, I am not overly optimistic either. While Lesnar is more legitimate now than ever, WWE hasn't done a good job in booking him since his return. Remember his first match loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012? WWE will have to be careful and we can only hope that ending the streak will do nothing but open creative doors that wouldn't have been open otherwise. I also have a good amount of news now online regarding the streak, Undertaker's wishes and more at this link.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: Does the WWE plan on testing out any 3D broadcasting in the near future? - WWE surveyed fans about 3D programming a couple years ago and were preparing to move forward, however, plans were halted with recent data that showed a slowdown in demand for 3D television. 3D is where HD was around 10 years ago in that it is available but not widely consumed. Should that change, and I expect it will, WWE will likely pursue plans to move forward. Right now, the majority of efforts are being spent on Vince McMahon’s dream of the WWE Network.

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