ROH's Wrestlemania Shows, Upcoming Workers & The Streak, Sin Cara Update, The Return Of ECW?


Why does Ring of Honor run shows in the same city at the same time as Wrestlemania? Is this something WWE allows?

Wrestlemania weekend brings tens of thousands of wrestling fans in from around the world - just take a look at the economic impact that has politicians lobbying for their city to get WWE's biggest event of the year. Ring of Honor runs shows on Wrestlemania weekend to take advantage of all the wrestling fans in the city. It's a great idea and is an added bonus for anyone looking to try out a WWE alternative. With that being said, WWE has nothing to do with the shows.

While I don't expect the streak to be ended, doesn't there appear to be an opportunity with Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes? They're both up and coming main event talents that would benefit tremendously by beating The Undertaker.

I am high up on Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, however, neither is established enough to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and end the streak. It's very complicated in picking an opponent for The Undertaker because if the decision is made to end the streak (which I don't think it will), it all comes down to who would be worth such a rub. If the streak isn't ended (which I expect it to remain intact), there needs to be an opponent that won't be damaged by a loss. The Undertaker is semi-retired and it wouldn't make sense to bring him back to crush an up and comer like Ziggler or Rhodes. He has to be booked against someone that a loss would not hurt them.

What is the status of Sin Cara?

Sin Cara suffered a torn ACL at Survivor Series in November and is projected to be out 6-9 months from the date of the injury. It's a tough injury and another bad break for someone that was originally planned to be a future main event star in WWE.

How would you feel if WWE brought back ECW as their "non-PG" show?

With all due respect, I would feel sick. WWE tried the ECW experiment and failed miserably. They took a brand that was still very recognizable by wrestling fans and watered it down to the point of irrelevancy. There are a lot of fans lobbying for WWE to end the PG era but I don't see it happening any time soon.

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