Rollins & Ambrose Not On WWE Roster, Better Matches On Superstars, Title Reigns For HBK, Paul Heyman's Status


Why isn't WWE calling up people from FCW like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose? They are much more talented than some of the people on the current roster and should really get a chance to appear on television.

They say patience is a virtue and that's exactly what you have to have with talented developmental workers. Sure Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are talented workers; we've all seen what they are capable of in Ring of Honor or Dragon Gate USA respectively. However, not only do they have to be ready from a work standpoint but they also have to have a storyline to work under. If a worker gets called up only to get jobbed out it can be career suicide. WWE is aware of what they have in their developmental system and when they want to call workers up to their main roster. There is no reason to rush the process.

Why are matches on WWE Superstars far more entertaining than matches on WWE Raw Supershow or Smackdown?

This isn't always the case but sometimes WWE Superstars has better matches than the main WWE programming. This is because WWE Superstars is a wrestling-heavy show while Raw Supershow and Smackdown have to progress storylines. If you are the type of fan that only enjoys ring work, WWE and Impact Wrestling are not for you. You need to follow promotions such as Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE Wrestling. These promotions highlight ring work while making everything else secondary. WWE and TNA have broader audiences which is the reason for the major differences.

Shawn Michaels is one of the best workers of all-time, however, why did he only get one world title reign in eight years since his 2002 return?

It's common for readers to question the lack of title reigns Shawn Michaels had in the latter years of his career. World title reigns come down to the right opportunity and it just never came to pass. Remember, Michaels worked a more limited schedule and was one of the very few to get this privilege. I can't give you the exact mindset for not strapping Michaels but those are some things to consider.

Do you know who was Brock Lesnar's interviewer during his WWE 12 segment? It sounded like Paul Heyman, if so do you know his status with the company?

This interview, posted on the WWE Games YouTube channel, was conducted by Paul Heyman. I'm not sure what Heyman goes by but he's basically Lesnar's agent/handler. He's the one that operated as a liaison between WWE, UFC and Lesnar regarding his inclusion in the WWE '12 video game. Heyman works for Brock Lesnar not WWE or UFC.

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