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Roman Finally On Track, When Will We See Triple H Again, Is The Brand Split Failing, Jeff Hardy and John Morrison Returning?

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Roman Reigns

Do you think this feud within Rusev is exactly what Roman needed to get him back on track?

I think that the reset button with Roman is going very smoothly right now. Roman dropping down the card has seemed to have been just what the doctor ordered. Roman has been visibly more relaxed on the microphone and has come off more comfortable in his own skin than he has in months. More importantly, though, the fans are starting to get behind him again. Along with USA chants, there were also several Roman Reigns chants in the past two weeks. As good as things are looking for Roman, I have to say Rusev is benefiting even more from this rivalry. Roman Reigns is still associated with the top of the card by fans, even with his recent "demotion" down the card, so Rusev is coming off more as a main event heel. It almost seems like Rusev went up instead of Roman going down. Roman going after the United States Championship also adds prestige to the belt; as it should seeing as it's the only singles championship on Raw right now. Rusev and Roman had a great match to main event Raw this week and I think both men came out on top.

When will Triple H return to tv and what role will he have?

There is no definitive word on when Triple H will return, as of right now he is focused on work behind the scenes and with NXT. The only thing we've heard are rumors of a match between Shane and Triple H with a "loser leaves town" stipulation, but Triple H is reluctant to go through with the match. It is likely Triple H will stay off television for the near future until WrestleMania season begins to pick-up. Triple H, much like Vince, is a character that can come and go, taking many months off in between, and step right back into an authority role. Triple H also has the added benefit of being a part-time wrestler so not only can he step in as part of The Authority, but he can step back into his role as The Game. However, with Triple H and Stephanie fighting to show that they should be the ones to take over WWE when Vince retires (or dies whichever comes first) it's likely Hunter is focusing more on his behind the scenes role.

I'm worried that this Brand split is gone be a huge letdown. What are the thoughts backstage about the brand split and What will WWE do if anything to try and fix it?

Try to give things time as the brand split is very new. People compare this brand split to the previous one, but they aren't the same. Smackdown has a lot more going into it this time with it going live and with the WWE Network is allows each brand their own PPV every month with the exception of Big 4 crossover events, like this Sunday's SummerSlam. Also, I've noticed people saying that the last brand split wasn't a success but it helped create massive superstars like JBL, Edge, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Batista and more. It's going to take some time to get the ball rolling and I think we're more likely to see better success after SummerSlam when both shows can truly do their own thing and introduce their own sets of titles. As for what people backstage are saying, I can't tell you what higher ups are thinking, but I can tell you that ratings don't mean what they used to. Especially going up against the Olympics and other big events, WWE tends to shrug lower ratings off unless they are drastically low. I can say that the wrestlers are enjoying the brand split. It's an extra day off for most and it lets their bodies recover more and gives them another day to rest and be with their friends and families at home.

Since Shelton Benjamin will not be coming to WWE, who's next in line? Any news on John Morrison? How about Jeff Hardy? Does the change of top management in TNA will affect his decision to go back to WWE?

Both John Morrison and Jeff Hardy are both currently under contract with their respective companies. Jeff Hardy is under contract with TNA and John Morrison is working for Lucha Underground. Both are names that WWE has talked about bringing back, but they need to wait for their contracts to expire. Jeff Hardy has stated that he would love to wrap up his career in WWE, and I think as long as the money is right Jeff won't hesitate to make the switch back to WWE. It will be interesting to see if WWE has a contract for Matt Hardy, too. Would the WWE want to bring back the Hardy Boyz or just Jeff? As for Morrison, I can't speak to what he would want to do, but I would assume he would want to return to WWE. I never like to say it's a sure thing, though, look what happened with another big name. There are some guys who don't like the grind of the WWE and if they are making enough money doing what they are doing, and they are happy there, they'll stay.

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