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Will Reigns Ever Get Over?, Lesnar At A Crossroads, WWE Doghouse, Final Deletion Mania

Roman Reigns

Will Roman Reigns ever get over?

This is a loaded question but I truly believe WWE needs to turn Roman Reigns heel. It's been obvious for over a year that turning Reigns heel would be the most effective way to get him over. They could then turn him [babyface] on down the road, similar with what they did with Steve Austin in the 90's. This comes down to Vince McMahon's stubbornness that Reigns is going to be the guy. As we've noted a few different times now, Vince is believed to be down on Reigns at the moment and his Wellness violation did him no favors. But he's still in the WWE Battleground main event and will be a big name on one of the brands moving forward. If WWE wants to end this debate once and for all they need to do the right thing and turn Roman Reigns heel.

If WWE keeps building Brock Lesnar as an unstoppable beast, who do you eventually see getting the "rub" and toppling the beast incarnate?

The character progression of Brock Lesnar will face a major crossroads at UFC 200 tomorrow night. If he knocks out Mark Hunt, WWE will continue to have him run through their roster and are really going to have a big attraction on their hands. If he loses or wins based on the scorecards, it will be a little more difficult but WWE will still be able to manage him. If Lesnar gets knocked out, there's going to be a problem and we expounded on that in detail in our Members content. If all goes according to plan, WWE should tactfully manage Lesnar as an unstoppable beast and set up his eventual loss to help "pass the torch" to someone else. The Undertaker passed the torch to him so it would have to be a major attraction for Brock to do the same. It's really hard to predict that guy right now because he may not even be working on the main roster.

I want to talk about the "stock" of WWE talent. Who is the company high up on (bullish) and who are they down on (bearish)?

The Vaudevillains are a team Vince McMahon hasn't completely aborted on but he doesn't understand or like the gimmick. We can probably say WWE is bearish on them at this time. Ryback is a guy probably on his way out, so file him in that category as well. Roman Reigns has heat for his Wellness Policy violation and as I've mentioned, Vince was down on him anyway. Reigns probably won't stay there but he's definitely in the bearish category today. As for guys who Vince McMahon is high up on, AJ Styles tops the list. I am rarely surprised by things in WWE but I am truly surprised at the way Vince McMahon has embraced Styles. He loves him, he trust him and I have to think he's in a really good position moving forward. Vince is also "bullish" on Seth Rollins and not only feels he's one of the best heels on the roster but feels he could develop into one of the best heels of all time. There are others but hopefully this helps your list.

Did you watch TNA's "Final Deletion" match featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

I made this the lede in yesterday's Exclusive Update but the wrestling world is still buzzing about Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy: The Final Deletion. The fact that TNA Impact drew their highest viewership on Pop and that we're still talking about it today proves that it worked. If you missed my comments from yesterday, I will restate them in the following sentences. The Final Deletion can be viewed one of two ways and I probably fall somewhere right in the middle. On one hand it was over-the-top cartoonish that was more like a low budget music video or scene from an independent film. On the other hand it was innovative and different, offering some crazy spots that combined professional wrestling with a mystique that’s often lacking with today’s product. Matt Hardy nailed the role and Jeff Hardy showed why he’s still a highly sought after talent. The Final Deletion isn’t something that will be etched in professional wrestling history but it’s not something that should be immediately dismissed either. There were some parts I felt like laughing (when Matt went running from Jeff with the firework/"oh look, a dilapidated boat") and there were others, the Swanton from the tree, when I was engaged. Like I stated, my opinion was somewhere in the middle and most probably either loved it or hated it.

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