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Roman Reigns Forcefed, Traditional Survivor Series Match, Sting and Undertaker, WWE delaying Daniel Bryan on Purpose

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Roman Reigns

I'm a Reigns fan but I feel like at Survivor Series we're going to be force fed him as new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. To me it's very similar to when Batista came back and forced back into the main event picture when he had serious heat from fans. What's it going to take for a guy like Cesaro (who had the crowd over on RAW) to get a title shot?

This is the mindset of a lot of fans, and quite frankly without meaning offense, it bothers me. Roman Reigns hasn't even won the championship yet and people are saying they're being force-fed. Give Roman a shot as champion before we count him out. When he was on his original push people said that he was being force-fed, then they stop pushing him and fan said he was ready after cutting his teeth a bit more. Now he's back on track with his push and people are saying he's being force-fed again. Just take some time, enjoy the product, and see how he does first. You'll never know if he's capable of being the guy on top if you never let them get there. As far as a guy like Cesaro goes, I would love to see him as WWE Champion but we have to get there first. Cesaro is a far way from the championship unfortunately, so we have to see him build and build first. Let's hope that Vince McMahon’s eyes have been opened in recent weeks to his capabilities and he will get his push.

Are we going to see a traditional elimination match at Survivor Series? I would've thought it was going to be Team Undertaker vs. Team Wyatt but that looks like a normal tag match at the moment. And I don't see
any storylines that would be too appealing to make a elimination tag match out of.

Team Undertaker vs Team Wyatt would have been the best traditional Survivor Series match in my opinion and I am disappointed the route they took instead. We are still likely to see a traditional Survivor Series match but it most likely will be a group of 10 mid card and tag team wrestlers thrown together. I would expect to see New Day and 2 partners take on The Usos and setback and two partners, maybe the Dudley Boyz. Nothing to write home about unfortunately.

How good would a Undertaker, Kane, and Sting vs. Wyatt family feud be?

If written properly it would be an incredible feud! Especially if you write in Finn Balor as a 4th man for Team Undertaker. I would love to see a new Ministry of Darkness and can you imagine the run for Finn if that happened? “Hey kid you're going to be working in a stable with 3 of the biggest icons in pro wrestling history.” I'd love it. They could even use it as a way to set up Sting vs. Undertaker. I can't say enough how opportunities like this are wasted by the current creative staff. I wish we could get something this epic.

Is it true that WWE is keeping Daniel Bryan of TV because they don't want the fans screwing up their WrestleMania plans for the 3rd year running?

I hadn't heard this rumor but it doesn't surprise me to hear fans thinking this way. I actually had a similar thought when I was thinking about the Royal Rumble a few days ago. I had the thought that Daniel’s timeline could put him back right around Royal Rumble time and WWE could screw themselves over for the 3rd year in a row. That said I doubt with WWE being as light on main event talent as they are right now that they wouldn't jump at the opportunity to have Daniel Bryan back. If Bryan does return in time for the Royal Rumble maybe, just maybe, WWE will learn from their past mistakes and put him over at the Rumble. 3rd time is the charm as they say.

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