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Roman Reigns In Singles, Cena vs. Wyatt, Creative Booking Live Events, International Shows, Kenny King On Legends' House

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Do you agree that Romain Reigns isn't ready for a run in singles?

I understand why WWE decided to turn The Shield babyface rather than split them and push them in singles, what I didn't like was the way the indecisiveness played out on television in storylines. Timing is always important when attempting to elevate a new worker and with Daniel Bryan getting his run and Bray Wyatt being elevated, it was for the best WWE didn't attempt to throw The Shield members in the mix. However, I feel that Reigns is ready and will be successful when it happens. The timing was not right but Reigns is still primed for a successful run in singles.

Considering Super Cena's win/loss record in Last Man Standing matches, do you see Bray Wyatt having any luck at all walking out of the match? If not, wouldn't it hurt the build they have been putting behind Wyatt these past few months?

WWE will have to be careful with the booking of John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt at Payback because they do not want to take away from what they've been building over the last several months. If Wyatt goes over, it'll most likely be due to outside interference but I have a hard time believing Cena will not overcome the odds after the loss at Extreme Rules.

Do the creative writers have any direct involvement with non-televised events?

The creative writers communicate directives to producers, who run the live events. So to answer your question, yes, they have direct involvement.

When WWE Superstars work shows in Europe or Canada, do they need to get special work permits/visas?

Yes, WWE talent must have the appropriate paperwork in order to work international shows. This has been an issue in the past with talent that have domestic convictions being unable to enter other countries. Certain states in the US have different regulations in accordance with their athletic commission that can also require proper credentials. Last year, TNA ran into a situation in the state of Missouri where workers were not properly licensed and they had to do a live event with six workers not being cleared to wrestle.

I just caught up with WWE Legends' House and noticed Kenny King in several of the segments during the Chippendales segment. Has he signed a WWE developmental contract? I thought he was still with TNA.

Kenny King is still with TNA Wrestling. WWE Legends' House was filmed back in 2012 and was delayed due to the delayed launch of the WWE Network. He is a former Chippendale’s dancer.

From the Ask WNW vault…

August 2012: With growing concerns from WWE talent about the pay and compensation they are receiving; can you see a union for professional wrestlers forming in the future? - We get questions from time-to-time about a pro wrestling union with the issue really being brought the the forefront after the Benoit tragedy, however, I don’t see how it would be possible. Performer’s contracts in WWE are signed as independent contractor agreements, where the workers agree they are not classified as employees even though the company stipulates very specifically when and where they can work. Former workers have challenged the contracts in court, however, they are iron clad in terms of validity and enforcement.

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