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Is Roman Reigns A Top Star?, Ziggler's Wellness Violation, Season Premiere, Raw Is Springer

The following is today's edition of Ask WNW. Ask WNW is the most popular feature on the website where Richard Gray answers four questions daily, Monday through Friday. To submit your question for the next installment of Ask WNW, click here.

Everyone seems to feel Roman Reigns is on tap to be WWE's next megastar. I personally don't see it. What are your thoughts?

Roman Reigns, like many that have been in his position, is becoming quite polarizing. Either people love him and feel like he is WWE's next top guy or people hate him and don't want him anywhere near the main event. I tend to take stay in the "gray area" on issues like this and can see both sides of the argument. For the people that love Reigns, I can see what they see. He has a great look, carries himself well and has taken advantage of prominent booking. On the other hand, there have been situations where he's shown he is not quite ready for the top of the card. Be it nerves or just inexperience, I remember clearly watching him face off against Bray Wyatt on Raw back in February and being able to hear a pin drop in the arena. I believe it's important to have patience with such situations. WWE is already protecting him -- which they should -- but it's important to get him experience to see where he can take it. I don't believe we've seen enough for me to clearly back either argument and it's more of a "wait and see" approach. Once such a determination is made, however, he will continue to be polarizing. Take a look at WWE's current main eventers - they're all polarizing with people on both sides of the fence.

Was Dolph Ziggler really suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy?

Yes, Dolph Ziggler was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy on October 10, 2008. A lot of people don't remember it because he wasn't yet established as Dolph Ziggler and had just been called back up from developmental (following his run as Nicky from the Spirit Squad). In fact, only a couple of days before his suspension was announced he was featured in a backstage segment on Raw where he attempted to "introduce himself." We documented the suspension as we do all WWE suspensions at this link. I don't remember hearing what caused the positive test.

Why is this week's episode of Monday Night Raw considered the "season premiere?"

This is just a promotional tactic to draw hype to Monday Night Raw now that fall programming is starting back up and Labor Day (in the United States) is over. I actually considered the Raw after SummerSlam as WWE's season premiere (when they changed the logo). My view of the WWE schedule is the Raw after SummerSlam through the television after Wrestlemania. I consider the "offseason" to start the week after the programming from Wrestlemania through the pay-per-view of the summer. This is when competition isn't as stiff on cable and gives WWE an opportunity to focus on names outside of their top Wrestlemania draws.

Jerry Springer on Raw. That doesn't seem very PG to me, your thoughts?

WWE does seem to be testing edgier/racier material but I don't think it's necessarily an indication the PG era is ending (although they've proven the ability to step out of PG with Total Divas and other material). WWE is committed to producing family friendly programming but they are also determined to draw attention to this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. They wanted a guest appearance on this week's show and when they couldn't get Michael Sam, they got Jerry Springer. Some might say the program between the Bella Twins hasn't been very PG. I'll reference an argument I've made since WWE went PG and that's eliminating the PG directive won't fix the company's problems. The program between Nikki and Brie Bella has been dreadful. From the bad acting to the over-the-top lines, it's just cringeworthy. I don't expect Springer to do anything to help it either.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: What exactly is a “managing supervisor” and how is Vickie Guerrero’s new role different from that of a General Manager? - I don’t know the logic behind re-treading Vickie Guerrero as the Raw Managing Supervisor rather than the General Manager. Perhaps they wanted to give her a tryout period before having her land the on-screen role. As we reported back in September here on Premium, Triple H had been very vocal that AJ Lee ran her course as the Raw GM and they needed to replace her. A couple names were talked about but ultimately they decided to go with Vickie once again. We’ll see where it goes but the company is clearly hoping Vickie continues to draw tremendous heat.

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