Ronda Rousey-WWE, How Long Will Brands Last?, Samoa Joe To Raw

Ronda Rousey

Is Ronda Rousey in talks with WWE about joining them following her career in the UFC?

I am unable to confirm there has been any contact between WWE and Ronda Rousey. Stephanie McMahon told TMZ she would certainly try to make contact but almost in a joking manner. WWE without a doubt will be interested in Ronda Rousey when her career with UFC ends, even if she loses to Amanda Nunes next month. However, in my view, and I believe I speak for fighting fans everywhere, if Rousey is successful against Nunes, she has to fight Cris Cyborg. I will not be able to accept a Ronda Rousey retirement without seeing a Cyborg fight. Cyborg has said she will come down to 140 pounds for a fight and Dana White has indicated he would be interested as well. If Rousey wins and her and Cyborg can agree on a weight, that fight has to happen and then Ronda can get rowdy in WWE.

How long do you see the WWE brand extension lasting?

I believe WWE will keep the brand extension in place for as long as they are able to use it to leverage their content. I do believe it’s spread the roster too thin, however, if they are able to get through the tough times now, it’s actually not a bad idea for the future. The problem is making it through rocky times right now with few established stars and a diminishing Raw audience. The good news is Smackdown has remained steady but it’s certainly been an uphill battle. One thing about WWE though is they are willing to make adjustments if they need to do so. If it’s determined the brand extension is not in their best interest or if Vince McMahon just decides against it, they certainly have the ability to scrap it. They’ve done it before and can clearly do it again.

Will Samoa Joe go to Raw or Smackdown?

Honestly, I have heard scenarios that put Samoa Joe on Smackdown and scenarios that put him on Raw. The last I heard — and reported here on WNW Premium on October 21, 2016 — he’s slated to go to Raw. As much as plans change and injuries alter things, it really is just going to depend on what is going on at the time Joe is called up. While WWE needs to establish stars on Raw and Smackdown they also have to be careful not to damage NXT. Triple H is NXT’s biggest advocate and is protective of talent that Vince wants up on the main roster. Having said that, Joe wants to be more than just an NXT performer and wants his shot as a top star like everyone else.

do you see us entering the dark ages of wrestling like we saw of the early 90s? Ratings are low, arenas are empty and there is no competition.

The wrestling business has been on a downturn for years and interest is as low now as I can ever remember. WWE officials will argue that profits are better now than they have ever been before but I believe long-term they are in serious trouble. The good news is WWE has the talent, resources and platform [in the WWE Network] to come out of it but we need a big star to get established quick. While I was 100% against Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar [at Survivor Series], at least it will get people talking. Let’s hope it will further put attention on Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and others as WWE needs to move forward as quickly as possible.

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