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Rumble Letdown, Is WWE Listening?, RVD Return, Wyatt's Work, New Tag Champs

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Was it just me or was the Royal Rumble a let down, with the exception of Roman Reigns and the Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt singles match? It just felt like Batista was thrown in to win it, anticlimactic if you will.

I warned everyone on Friday that if you're going into Royal Rumble expecting some kind of miraculous swerve, you were setting yourself up to be disappointed. I also noted on numerous occasions that Batista was favored to win the Rumble match and would get complete protection to build momentum with his return. However, the crowd didn't care that Bryan wasn't advertised for the Royal Rumble match. They didn't care that Batista was favored or Randy Orton and John Cena had another match for the WWE title, all they cared about was Daniel Bryan getting his moment. That moment didn't come and it backfired on WWE. Vince McMahon is a smart man and part of me believes this is all part of an angle (more on that later) but WWE ended the night with egg on their face. Regardless of what anyone says, when a crowd turns that hard on one of the biggest matches of the year, it's a serious problem. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt opened with a match that was impossible to follow and Roman Reigns is getting his shot. Other than that, this was a "by the book show" that I'm not sure created the momentum towards Wrestlemania that the company was looking for.

Are the powers that be in WWE really listening to their fans? I mean you hear all the higher ups say it's the fans that decide what really happens. Then why does it seem like the chants for Daniel Bryan have fallen on deaf ears?

As soon as the Royal Rumble pay-per-view ended, Daniel Bryan Tweeted an apology to his fans and told them to keep voicing their opinions. You can read the Tweets here at Anyone that knows anything about Bryan, knows this isn't like him. He's not the type of guy that's going to go to Twitter (of all places) to express disdain over the booking of his character. It's likely that Vince McMahon or one of the other higher ups told him to play it up on social media. It's also feasible that Bryan is just that frustrated but I continue to hear there are big plans for Bryan. There's no way WWE is going to ignore what happened at Royal Rumble and I fully expect angles to capitalize off the strong reaction. The problem is it might have been at the cost of one of the biggest shows of the year.

Is RVD still under contract with WWE? If yes, when will he come back?

Rob Van Dam does not have an active WWE Performer's Contract but he's believed to be in negotiations for another one. When he returned to the company last summer, the deal was a short-term agreement for him to work three months. He worked his time and left. It's unknown what the length of the new deal will be but Vince McMahon is an RVD fan and he is expected back.

After Bray Wyatt's singles match at Royal Rumble against Daniel Bryan, has he finally proven that he can perform at a brilliant level?

Bray Wyatt put to rest any rumblings that he can't work at Royal Rumble on Sunday night. He was given an opportunity with the best worker in the world and made good on it in a big way. The bout, which was easily his best in WWE to date, will raise expectations for him. I grew very frustrated with people that accused he couldn't work, especially when the critics came out in droves following his match at SummerSlam. The point of emphasis was on his gimmick, not his in-ring work. However, when the point of emphasis shifted, as it did at Royal Rumble, he passed with flying colors.

This question was Tweeted to me @wnwdotcom using the hashtag #AskWNW… What are your thoughts on NAO winning the tag belts at Royal Rumble? #AskWNW

The 15-year-old in me popped for it. Cody Rhodes and Goldust took their reign as WWE Tag Team Champions about as far as they could take it and what a better way for the company to capitalize on two other guys that tapped into Goldust's anti-aging serum? After Goldust eliminated Cody Rhodes from the Royal Rumble match later on in the night, speculation is going to increase that this is the year WWE finally does Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes, so we'll see what happens.

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