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Rusev's Lawyer Bombs, Hijacking Wrestlemania, Part-Time Talent Era, Predictions?!

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What was up with Rusev’s lawyer on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw?

WWE casted a local fill-in to play the role of Rusev’s lawyer. He bombed. JBL buried him on commentary and usually when that happens, it’s a directive through the headset from Vince McMahon. I haven’t heard for sure but I assume that’s the case here. The person had the look but the accent left a lot to be desired and JBL made fun of it. I popped for JBL’s commentary but that’s not what WWE was originally going for with the “contract signing” segment.

Lana is away filming her role in the WWE Studios production “Interrogation” but what a poor time for her to be away. Rusev is less than two weeks from the biggest match of his career and WWE is casting local talent to talk for him. I have no idea why they decided to film at the peak of Wrestlemania season but it’s very bad timing.

Do you think the fans at Wrestlemania 31 will treat the Ladder match as the main event and just chant through the World Title bout?

In other words, do I think the fans at Wrestlemania 31 are going to attempt to hijack the show? I hope not and even if they do, the show is taking place in a open air stadium, so it won’t have near the effect as it did from Madison Square Garden during Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar 11 years ago.

I’ll be the first to admit the build for this year’s Wrestlemania has been lackluster. While there is a very solid argument that it has been bad the past few years, this year has been especially bad and place a large part of the blame on the sporadic appearances of the headliners.

With that said, I have no idea why someone would pay the type of money that it takes to attend only to try and hijack it. I’m not saying you aren’t free to chant what you want, but I would personally just go and enjoy the show. There is plenty of intrigue with several of the matches. What will happen with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Will Rusev go over? How will Sting look? Will The Deadman rise again?

While the build has suffered, it’s still Wrestlemania and sadly, it’s almost like WWE knows that and haven’t put the effort into building it weekly.

Wrestlemania 31 will be the fourth Wrestlemania in a row in which the main events are highly dependent on part-time talent. Do you think we will reach a point where this strategy is no longer effective and the WWE returns to relying almost exclusively on full time talent (with the occasional celebrity and/or part timer) as they did for the first 27 years of Wrestlemania?

I hope the usage of part-time talent is near its end. I was a huge fan when it first started, arguing that I wanted to see the most talented and most entertaining at the biggest show of the year. But as they do with so many other things, WWE has failed to utilize moderation and we’re left with weeks of programming without the Wrestlemania headliners.

As I’ve previously stated, I understand what WWE is going for in limiting the appearances of Brock Lesnar, Sting and The Undertaker. It just hasn’t worked. If it was just one of the three — like Undertaker — then so be it but week after week of pre-tapes just aren’t enough in 2015. Take Sting for example.

He showed back up on Raw and it was good but much is still unanswered. Is his bout against Triple H going to end The Authority once and for all or is this just a speed bump at The Authority will continue on as usual after Wrestlemania? While such a question could be answered next week, isn’t a little odd we’re asking questions like this less than two weeks from the biggest show of the year.

Most of us are going to watch Wrestlemania because it is Wrestlemania but as I stated above, it’s almost like WWE knows that and haven’t put together a sufficient effort in building this show.

What are your predictions for Wrestlemania 31?

It’s too early for me to talk predictions but I’ll be glad to tell you what I want to see happen at Wrestlemania. First and foremost, I want a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Whether it’s Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins or someone else, a change is in order. I’ve absolutely hated Brock Lesnar’s reign and part-time status and feel it’s time for WWE’s biggest title to be in play on at least a monthly basis.

I want to see Rusev, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins all firmly established as top talent following the show. I’m not saying they all must go over clean but they must be booked very carefully and be put in positions to succeed.

After Wrestlemania, the part-timers will go back to their lives while the main WWE roster will head overseas for a two-week tour. It’s on that tour where I hope to see the next wave firmly established, progressing the company forward without having to rely on part-timers.

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