RVD Returning To WWE?, Big E, Cena vs. Rock III, HHH Entrance Malfunction

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Extreme Reunion

Is Rob Van Dam negotiating with WWE to return to the company?

Rob Van Dam kept people talking about him by appearing at the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony last weekend. RVD, who is friends with Joey Styles, even got a feature article on dot com about it. We don't know RVD's contract status as he's kayfabing over it. The word is he's trying to leverage money against WWE and TNA but who knows. We'll find out soon enough.

Do you see Big E Langston becoming a top star in the future?

I haven't seen enough of Big E Langston on WWE television to form a solid opinion about him. He did exactly what he should have done at Wrestlemania by not trying to do too much and overwork his WWE Tag Team Championship match with Dolph Ziggler against Team Hell No. Big E had a rookie moment on his way to the ring on this week's WWE Raw that kept us all laughing.

Do you think John Cena winning at Wrestlemania will result in a lengthy WWE title reign and a third "rubber match" against The Rock at Wrestlemania XXX?

I am diametrically opposed to the idea of doing John Cena vs. The Rock III and surely WWE would realize that would be overkill. I heard this teased from the moment the rematch was announced and could only muster up the reaction of "I hope not."

What was the white stuff stuck to Triple H on his Wrestlemania 29 entrance?

That was dry ice stuck to Triple H during his Wrestlemania 29 entrance. Dry ice was being shot out to create a "smoky" effect and there was a malfunction. As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Hunter suffered second degree burns on his torso and arms as a result.

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