RVD's Criticism Of TNA, NXT Delay, Punk As A Babyface, Undertaker At SummerSlam

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Undertaker & The Shield

I just read your article on RVD saying he felt like an ambassador for TNA and that fans thought he retired. What are your feelings on talent leaving companies and trashing the way they were treated knowing if it doesn't work out they end up right back there anyway? Hasn't it always been the talent's responsibility to prove themselves to the company not the other way around?

Rob Van Dam didn't really "trash" TNA as much as he admitted that it was him that was reminding people to watch. One point I think we can all agree on is TNA needs more exposure. I don't think he was airing sour grapes as much as he was stating a fact that TNA isn't watched by near as many people as WWE. We can all call into question how Rob Van Dam's character was booked but that's a whole other discussion. As for your question, it's a collaborative effort between talent and company to have success. Yes, it's the talent's responsibility to prove themselves but it's the company's responsibility to put them in positions to succeed. As for a talent speaking up when they leave, no one is going to publicly trash their employer. For example, you wouldn't talk bad about your boss while you were still working for them. It wouldn't be smart and it's the same concept in the wild world of pro wrestling.

I can understand a couple of days of tape delay (i.e Smackdown) but why is NXT have such a long tape delay?

WWE tapes an entire month of NXT at each taping. There are multiple reasons for this but the main reason is it is cost effective and convenient. A lot goes into taping television from the equipment to the staff to the talent so to knock out an entire month of TV in one night is highly efficient. This is the same reason TNA tapes two episode of Impact Wrestling in each city they tour.

Is CM Punk now a babyface or a tweener?

CM Punk has turned babyface for the time being but one could easily argue he's a tweener. This is something that was basically unavoidable for a couple of reasons. One, stars traditionally draw babyface reactions after returning from an extended absence and two, he returned in Chicago. There was no way Punk was going to be received as a heel so WWE is carrying forward with this to lead to the prospective program against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Do you see the Undertaker Returning For Summerslam? If so, will it be against The Shield?

Undertaker felt good after his match at Wrestlemania 29 and proved as much working a couple of matches on WWE television after the pay-per-view. There is some belief in the company he could work SummerSlam which is why Dean Ambrose attempted "old school" on this week's Monday Night Raw [obviously planting the seeds for a match]. At this point I don't know the combinations but can confirm it's a possibility.

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