Ryback Losing, PG Here To Stay, Did The Raw Crowd Send A Message?, Booking Lesnar

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I'm a Ryback fan and while I understand your concern about his PPV losses, could all of these losses be part of the bigger picture in turning him heel and becoming WWE Champion?

I can certainly see why a Ryback fan would be hopeful these losses were all part of the bigger picture and now he's going to be built as an unstoppable heel, however, I have my doubts. John Cena just captured the WWE Championship, his first reign with the title since 2011. If the company moves forward with this program against Cena are we supposed to believe Ryback is going to come out of it WWE Champion? I would be surprised if this was the case, especially after Cena's reign is built as one of redemption that was an entire year in the making. As I've noted, wins and losses don't seem to mean much and we can't deny that Ryback is over.

Is this the year WWE returns to a TV-14 product, leaving the PG initiative in the dust?

WWE remains committed to their PG initiative. Do you want to see one of the reasons why? This link goes to a list of corporate sponsors WWE has attracted since going PG. Let's also not forget WWE's ability to market to an entire family. If the WWE Network ever gets launched I do think we could see some of the past TV-14 moments airing later at night.

We all know how hot the crowd was at Raw on Monday, but it really seemed to pick up during the Randy Orton vs. Sheamus match. What does it say when two of the top babyfaces in WWE are in the ring competing, and the audience is chanting for the referee and commentators amongst others and have to do the wave to remain entertained? Have we finally reached the point that the over saturation of Sheamus and Orton every week has made them draw less?

Let's also not forget the crowd was cheering one of the people selling concessions throughout the arena during the match as well. Over saturation is part of it but another major factor is lack of gimmick progression. WWE whiffed on an opportunity to turn Randy Orton heel. The thing about the business is gimmicks have to evolve to keep fans entertained. When it's the same thing week in and week out, people get bored. Randy Orton has always been a better heel than he has babyface and the crowd couldn't have cared less about the match against Sheamus on this week's Raw. Many are hopeful the crowd "sent a message" to WWE but I honestly think the only message that was sent was Dadadadadadadaduh.

I'm all for talent laying down and passing the torch, but don't you feel having Brock Lesnar consistently lose to established talent is kind of a waste ? When Eddie Guerrero left WWE he went to various companies and laid down for upcoming talent wouldn't Brock be better utilized doing the same if he's going to lose anyway?

Brock Lesnar is getting paid millions of dollars by WWE to work a part-time schedule. He'll do whatever is asked of him to collect his paycheck. I absolutely don't blame him and I think anyone in his position would do the exact same thing. There is no other organization on this planet, other than WWE, that could afford to pay him 7-figures a year for limited dates. As for the WWE booking of Lesnar, we've already talked about wins and losses meaning less and less - just look at Ryback. Lesnar is being booked as the "must-see spectacle" rather than the unstoppable beast that can't be beat. It's not how I would book him but it is what it is and WWE believes fans will forget about his loss and they'll be able to book him another top level program for another pay-per-view main event once again.

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