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Ryback’s 2nd Chance, Buy WWE Network, Silly/Deplorable Angles, Rose Or Kruger

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I'm a little confused on Ryback getting pushed directly into the main event when he hasn't done much in some time but when he did have the opportunity to main event a few years ago, it's seems as if he blew it. With that in mind, do you think Vince McMahon is too overconfident in pushing Ryback again?

WWE is rebooting on Ryback in a big way. I’ll be the first to admit I’m on record as to writing that I believe the push should go to someone else because Ryback had his opportunity and it didn’t work. However, the decision has been made and he’s getting another big push. He opened and closed this week’s Raw, a very telling indication about the company thinks about him. Let’s be clear, WWE didn’t do Ryback any favors with his booking. While he was booked in pay-per-view main events, he was booked with shockingly low confidence that damaged him as an unstoppable monster.

Some time off appears to be just what Ryback needed as the audience seems to be refreshed with him being treated as a viable upper-level performer. WWE desperately needs some more names to grab the reigns and take hold in the top of the card. It’s now or never for Ryback. Is Vince overconfident or is Vince desperate? Ryback is ready-made for this spot, if he gets over and stays over, it could help a lot right now.

I’ve got more details about his push and what “sunk” his stock with Vince McMahon the first time at this link.

I purchased the WWE Network expecting that I would be able to watch encores of Raw and Smackdown after they aired on the USA Network and SyFy respectively. Why the delay?

A lot of people are under the impression when they subscribe to the WWE Network they will get immediate access to encore episodes of Raw and Smackdown. While you will get encore episodes, due to TV contracts, encores are available 30 days after they originally air on the USA Network or SyFy respectively. However, content that originates on WWE Network - such as pay-per-views - is available for immediate playback as soon as it’s over. While the company clears this up in their official WWE Network FAQ document, it’s not well conveyed in promotional materials for the product. I do not consider this a deal-breaker and will continue to recommend the WWE Network to all fans. I believe it’s well worth the price of $9.99/month to get every pay-per-view, original content and the vast and expansive video on-demand library.

I recently watched WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 for the first time; that was a period where I didn't follow the WWE for about a decade. The whole President Obama special guest reoccurring segment had me shaking my head in embarrassment. It seems silly, even for the WWE. Has there been any certain segment/feud/etc. that comes to mind as the ultimate "what were they thinking" moment as far being flat out silly?

There are a lot of things WWE has done that have been very silly if not downright deplorable. Mae Young once gave birth to a hand, Hornswoggle was revealed as the Raw General Manager, Natalya couldn’t stop farting, Lita and Edge celebrated with a live sex celebration. Do I need to go on? I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion about Vince McMahon making Trish Stratus get on her hands and knees and bark like a dog is still something that makes me sick to my stomach. Wouldn’t be funny if WWE put out a DVD of all the ridiculous things they’ve done on TV? I bet it would be entertaining.

Ray Leppan's Adam Rose character is wearing thin, but when he took down The Bunny on Raw, his Leo Kruger character seemed to want to burst through. Do you see him being rebranded as the much better Leo Kruger going forward?

The Leo Kruger character was like a mix of what WWE already has with The Wyatts and Rusev. The Adam Rose gimmick provides WWE with some mid-card comedic relief that includes a capped ceiling (I don’t think anyone envisions Rose in his current form challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship). The good is that he’s on the main roster and regularly featured on TV. The bad is that he’s capped in the proverbial mid card and currently feuding with a Bunny. I don’t think WWE needs a character like Leo Kruger, they have enough already.

From the Ask WNW vault…

May 2012: Who was the bigger draw – Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan? - These types of questions are nearly impossible to answer because strong cases can be made for both Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan. Given the fact Hogan played a key role in the pro wrestling boom in the 80s as well as the boom of the 90s, I label Hogan as the most influential person in the history of the wrestling business. While we can all question Hogan’s sanity today (and probably then too), he legitimized pro wrestling more than anyone before. Steve Austin flourished at a different time when programming was very edgy, however, had it not been for Hogan who knows if there would have been a platform for Austin. Both were tremendous draws and made a ton of money not only for themselves but for everyone around them.

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