Ryback's Future, Forced To Do Cena/Lesnar Again, Batista Finished?, Tough Enough Nixed

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Do you think with Ryback taking time off that when he comes back it'll be the perfect opportunity to turn him babyface and push him in the main event? In my opinion a move like that could save his career and make him a future World Champion.

I would oppose Ryback getting another opportunity in the main event at this time. While WWE did him no favors when they booked him in the top of the card a couple of years ago, he at least got the opportunity. There are so many other workers I would rather see in that spot than Ryback. Not only did Ryback not "stick" in terms of getting over with the audience, he had problems backstage with co-workers and got a reputation for producing bad media appearances. There is value in Ryback but I don't see that value above what he is currently doing as a mid-card worker that can also help bolster the tag team division.

I agree with Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair from Raw that no one wants to see Brock vs. John Cena again. To me Brock winning is repetitive and Cena winning makes no logical sense. Since it is the "rubber" match, why not have them compete in an "I Quit" match?

I am very interested to see how WWE books Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at Night of Champions. I agree it's a tricky situation based on how Cena lost at SummerSlam but to not "invoke the rematch clause" wouldn't follow logic either. The company has to be careful in the match as Lesnar needs to continue to look unstoppable but they don't want to damage Cena either. WWE panicked with Cena on Raw this week and that hurt Bray Wyatt. The implications of this program have a trickle down effect. Your suggestion for an "I Quit" match makes sense and perhaps a gimmick would be a good route to go for the blow off. However, it could also prevent a dirty finish.

Is Batista planning to return for one more run? If he does, do you suspect that the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy will result in him being seen in a more positive light by the fans?

I discussed Batista's WWE future in depth in the latest Premium Mailbag. I recommend you listen to that for complete analysis, however, I will make some notes here. First, I believe Batista needs to come back to WWE. His run this year completely bombed and no one wants to go out like that. But there are issues. Batista wasn't happy with the way WWE utilized him and was frustrated over how he was received. The success of Guardians of the Galaxy will help Batista's acting career but I'm not sure it will help his standing with the WWE audience. In fact, it could cause further resentment as fans will see a Hollywood actor taking a main event spot from full-time WWE performers. Note, I don't completely agree but that is a perception.

When will WWE begin filming the next season of Tough Enough for the WWE Network?

All plans for a new season of WWE Tough Enough have been put on hold due to the ongoing budget cuts. The new original programming coming to the WWE Network after Monday Night War is WWE Rivalries (premiering in October) and WWE Countdown (premiering in November).

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: Is the way AJ Lee is being used the new way of pushing Divas in WWE? Helping to expand story lines rather than wrestling. - It’s funny because the last two Divas to get over, Eve Torres and AJ Lee, have done so assisting in main event angles and not by performing in the ring. I don’t know if it’s necessarily the “new way” as using female talent in top angles isn’t really anything new. AJ’s success certainly helps her standing in the company as I heard Vince McMahon was pushing for her to get a run with the Divas Championship down the road. AJ’s work has been fantastic and it’s great to see talented people get opportunities to shine on television.

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