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Samoa Joe On Main Roster? WWE DVD Sets? Nikki Bella Beating AJ? Cody Rhodes Retired?

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Samoa Joe WWE

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While Samoa Joe was a main event guy in TNA and competing against the likes of Kurt Angle and Sting, why did WWE choose to have him as part of the NXT roster and not their main roster?

I guess the thought process in WWE's eyes were they felt Joe would be a big draw for the NXT product, while it also allows them time to evaluate him, season him up and get him ready for a move to the main roster. With NXT being like a hotbed for talent right now it makes sense to me to have Joe down there for a while. You could have asked the same question about someone like Finn Balor or Kevin Owens, who were both already established names in the industry, but they still spent time, and in Balor's case still is down in NXT. We all see NXT as a developmental brand but equally we should be seeing it as a place where established talent can also further perfect what they do. NXT has it's own identity and priorities compared to what a normal developmental system has. If Joe had been put instantly onto the main roster I think it's unlikely he would have been put into a main event position and would have been more likely to get lost in the proverbial mid-card shuffle. Joes time on the main roster will come, but I would rather he spent time in NXT first.

What are some of the WWE DVD sets you are looking forward to? And are there any you want to see them make?

Without question I think the most popular answer to this question is the Owen Hart DVD. This one has been a very long overdue release (for reasons outside of just WWE's control) and it's great we finally get a DVD to mark and celebrate his career. I have my reservations about some of what might be on there, especially after recent comments from Bret Hart that Martha (Owen's widow) has made life difficult for the company to really use anything to celebrate his career the way we would like. Other sets I'm looking forward to include the Sting DVD and the Dudley Boyz DVD that is rumoured to be in production for a 2016 release.

DVD releases I would like to see are something around Stampede Wrestling perhaps. I also think something on the Von Erich family would also be worth creating in terms of past names. In terms of current names then I think there really needs to be a proper sit down documentary done about Undertaker's career as I'm sure there are so many stories and things we never knew that could be talked about. And finally I think something on the evolution of the WWE Divas and women in WWE over the years could be interesting.

How do you feel about Nikki Bella beating AJ Lee's record as the longest reigning Divas Champion?

I have mixed feelings about it and here's why. I think it's fair to say Nikki Bella has been the subject of a lot of criticism from fans over recent months, most of which I believe has been unfair. Nikki has come a long way in the ring since she and Brie first came into the WWE. Is she one of the best wrestlers on the roster? No she probably isn't. But she isn't as bad as many people seem to make out. Most people have a problem with the Bella's getting a push because they think it's down to them being with John Cena and Daniel Bryan, and only think they are pushed due to the whole twin gimmick. I fully believe Nikki Bella and Brie both worked their backsides off to get to where they are now and deserve the success. My only real problem with Nikki ending AJ's record is it very much felt like it was a deliberate plan by the company to stop AJ having such a prestigious honour. Let's face it, Charlotte could very easily have been booked to win the Divas Championship on Raw. But instead the call was made to have Nikki pass AJ, only for Charlotte to beat her six nights later. So to answer the question I have no real problem with Nikki winning the Divas Championship and surpassing AJ's record but I don't think it has the same meaning when it seems obvious it was only to spite AJ.

With WWE officials reportedly very happy with the Stardust gimmick as of late, do you think it's safe to say the Cody Rhodes character has been retired for good?

The Stardust character has been a great transformation for Cody Rhodes. He needed something fresh and inventive to take him to that next level and he knocked a good shot out of the park with the Stardust character for me. But for Cody to continue advancing up the ladder I'm not sure he can remain the Stardust character in the long term. While I don't foresee WWE ending the Stardust character any time soon it is likely that once Goldust returns to action, if at all, there will be a face off between the two, with the loser no doubt losing his identity. The Stardust character isn't going to be a main event star but I believe that Cody Rhodes can be if he is revamped before stepping up to the next level.

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