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Santino A World Champion?, Wrestlemania Plans For Randy Orton, Barrett's Unfortunate Injury, EC Booking

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Could you see Santino Marella ever holding the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship? Why or why not?

I do not consider Santino Marella world champion material. No disrespect to him but the character is a comedy gimmick that isn't meant to be taken seriously as an in-ring performer. Randy Orton's concussion provided WWE a chance to book Santino in the underdog role at Elimination Chamber but I don't think anyone legitimately thought he was going to defend the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. How he was booked on last night's Raw Supershow against Daniel Bryan is more indicative of his position in the company. The rare thing about Santino is that he isn't hurt by doing jobs because of how good he is on the mic.

Now that Randy Orton has a concussion and Wade Barrett was injured last night on Raw Supershow, how will their feud continue if at all? Also if Orton is healthy, do you see him being involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania?

I believe the plan was for Randy Orton's feud with Wade Barrett to be blown off at Elimination Chamber as it seemed they were laying the groundwork for Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship. WWE reported yesterday (using the word "reported" lightly) Orton was going to get re-evaluated in two weeks. I could easily see Orton coming back with the angle that since he didn't have a chance to be in the Elimination Chamber because of the "belt shot" from Daniel Bryan that he deserves a spot in the match for the title at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan defending in a triple threat match against Sheamus and Randy Orton would be my pick for the Wrestlemania bout.

In your opinion was anyone to blame for the injury on tonight's Raw Supershow, or did you see it as a clean unlucky situation?

I've watched the spot a couple of times and Wade Barrett was prepared for it. It's not like Big Show recklessly tossed Dolph Ziggler out of the ring as all parties involved were ready. With that being said I have to chalk it up as an unlucky bump for Wade Barrett. The spot was risky but they were willing to go through with it. We have to be very careful when pointing fingers and this is something I talked about with a lot of TNA wrestlers over the weekend. I asked Kid Kash about Jesse Sorensen's injury at Against All Odds and in that situation - who is to blame? Sorensen? Zema Ion? Kash told me that everyone is aware of the risks that go along with this business. Working in WWE or TNA is a desirable position and they understand the risks before they go out there and while you don't want to see anyone get hurt, it happens.

Why did one of the Chamber matches not headline Elimination Chamber match on Sunday night?

WWE Elimination Chamber was a weirdly booked pay-per-view. When WWE opened with the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match I thought for sure the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber match would close, possibly with a surprise return. As we saw, none of that happened and the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber match was in the middle of the card! I guess WWE wanted John Cena in the main event to portray him as strongly as possible going into Wrestlemania XXVIII. I would have had one of the Chamber matches cap the pay-per-view but WWE obviously felt differently.
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