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Savage In WWE, No Contract Signed, Looking Forward To Survivor Series, Big Show-HoF, Grumpy Cat Exclusive

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With WWE releasing “Macho Man: The Randy Savage Story” on DVD, is this an indication that he’ll be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

It is safe to say that “Macho Man” Randy Savage is no longer taboo in WWE. It’s just sad that he had to die for it to happen. There are a lot of theories and rumors as to why Savage was off-limits in WWE and quite frankly, I’m not interested in examining those theories and rumors. I absolutely believe a posthumous induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is possible and according to Randy’s brother Lanny Poffo, WWE inquired about it a few years ago. No one can say for sure when/if an induction will happen but it certainly doesn’t seem there is anything standing in-between an induction either. Savage was one of the greats and was tremendously entertaining. He died way too soon and that’s beyond unfortunate.

Am I the only one to realize there wasn’t a contract signing for Team Cena vs. Team Authority on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw?

While the contract wasn’t signed, the segment was done to close out the show. I think most expected a brawl to ensue and that’s how this week’s show ended. I’ve spent a lot of time criticizing WWE since SummerSlam but I’m actually looking forward to this year’s Survivor Series. Not only is the company utilizing what made the pay-per-view a “big four” staple with a Traditional Survivor Series match, the bout will headline and it actually means something. There are plenty of side stories that will add intrigue to the bout going in. Will Randy Orton return in his hometown? What about Sheamus? How cohesive is Team Authority? Will Team Cena be ready?

I think it’s easy to get frustrated with some of the randomness of the booking, such as Mark Henry and Rusev being on the same team following a program or Erick Rowan being a late addition to Team Cena. But frustration aside, there are several elements to enjoy and even appreciate. As stated, the Survivor Series gimmick is being used, the match means something with The Authority’s power at risk and we’re seeing WWE push some up and coming talent.

What are your thoughts on Erick Rowan turning face and aligning as a member of Team Cena?

As stated, I believe Erick Rowan aligning with Team Cena is very random and has had absolutely no build or backstory but at least he’s not the odd man out in the singles breakup of The Wyatt Family. Remember, earlier in the show he was chasing a stuffed cat! I detailed what we’ve been told about The Wyatt Family at this link. To recap, Triple H is #TeamBray because he sees Bray as proof that NXT works and Vince is #TeamHarper because of his size. The fact Rowan is getting something is better than nothing. We can’t sit here on one hand and call for WWE to push up and coming talent and then complain about them doing it on the other hand. Are there problems? Absolutely but it’s much easier to sit here and criticize and sometimes I believe we have to let things go and try to enjoy the product.

Is it just me or did Stephanie McMahon really cheapen the WWE Hall of Fame by, in storyline, offering Big Show an induction if he left Team Cena?

While Stephanie McMahon was clearly trying to get the viewer’s attention with that line, it didn’t offend me. Big Show is a future WWE Hall of Famer and is one of the best big men in the history of the wrestling business. Had she said that to Dolph Ziggler or Ryback, that would have been one thing but I have no problem with a Big Show to WWE Hall of Fame tease.

Luke Harper is the WWE Intercontinental Champion and that's a good thing. Problem is, these days it's a garbage title. It makes sense from a Survivor Series storyline standpoint, but ultimately could this put a dent in the rise of Harper?

Luke Harper won the WWE Intercontinental Championship and will take part in the Survivor Series main event on Sunday. I completely agree about the title being devalued right now but we can’t sit here and criticize WWE for not pushing up and coming talent and blast them when they do. I think the IC title switches hands too frequently without sufficient build, that hasn’t changed but I believe Harper has potential to be a main event star and am glad to see WWE booking him with confidence.

OK so just how ridiculous was Grumpy Cat?

Maybe I’m in the minority but I honestly didn’t mind it. I actually thought Grumpy Cat heeled The Miz like a pro and am still laughing about it. Here’s a GIF from Twitter:

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Booking a cat to guest star on Raw is ridiculous even for WWE but they didn’t do it to be serious. In fact, Grumpy Cat was nice enough to give us an exclusive… Click here to load Photo/Tweet (if not loaded)

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