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Scenarios For WWE Tag Team Title Change, Wrestlemania In The UK, Cold In New Jersey, WWE Purchasing Other Promotions

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Do you think it was a good idea for Air Boom to drop the WWE Tag Team Championship at at yesterday's Raw house show in Oakland, California?

From time-to-time WWE will do a title change at a live event to keep the illusion that "anything can happen." While rare, it does happen as we saw at yesterday's show with the new WWE Tag Team Champions of Epico & Primo. There are three possible explanations for the change and while I can't confirm any of them, here they are. Scenario one, WWE wanted to maintain the illusion "anything can happen" and booked the change. Scenario two, a mistake was made which caused the change to happen. WWE has been doing a finish where Epico & Primo are ruled the winners only to discover that Kofi had his foot on the ropes, causing a referee restart. I thought this was likely, however, I've learned Primo pinned Evan Bourne. Scenario three, Evan Bourne's backstage heat has gotten so bad that WWE decided to punish him with the change. WWE has been known to flex their muscle by punishing title holders with heat. You can read all about what Bourne did that has him very under with everyone right now at this link.

Do you think WWE will ever hold Wrestlemania in the United Kingdom?

Every year we're flooded with questions about WWE holding Wrestlemania in the United Kingdom. I never like to say never because anything is possible; however, the hang-up has to do with the time difference. The UK is five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time which would mean an 8 PM EST pay-per-view would be at midnight in the United Kingdom. I don't see how that would work given the fact Wrestlemania is the centerpiece of WWE's financial year and there's no way they would put it on tape delay, especially in the day of the Internet. WWE has done UK pay-per-views before, airing in the afternoon here in the United States. It's more likely of WWE doing an afternoon special pay-per-view rather than altering something as big as Wrestlemania.

I read that plans were being considered for Wrestlemania 28 or Wrestlemania 29 to be held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. But surely the NY/NJ climate isn't suitable for an outdoor event?

MetLife Stadium is an open-air stadium which would mean the elements would play a factor, however, WWE is reportedly close to bringing Wrestlemania back to New Jersey. The company will be able to protect the ring canvas; however, it's going to be cold! There was a lot of talk about MetLife Stadium hosting the Super Bowl because of the climate but they are scheduled to do just that in 2014.

Do you think there is a chance of Vince McMahon or his successor, likely Triple H, buying TNA or ROH? Personally, I cannot see Vince McMahon doing this, but Triple H seems like an aggressive business leader who would not hesitate to do this, given the right circumstances.

Triple H is being groomed as Vince McMahon's successor; however, I don't see what the draw would be to purchase either of the aforementioned promotions. This would also be assuming that either Panda Energy (TNA) or Sinclair Broadcasting (ROH) would be interested in selling. Both are not in it to make money as they are clearly "novelty assets." Perhaps the tape library of either would be of interest; however, I don't see the value in either with no clear path for long-term viability.

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