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What do you see being the end result with Seth Rollins and his Money in the Bank opportunity?

It's my hope that Seth Rollins comes out of it as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. John Cena (2012) and Damien Sandow (2013) failing to successfully "cash in" has begun to alter the perception of the briefcase. Maybe not so much Cena but the abysmal booking of Sandow since putting him over in the match itself is worrisome. The same could be said for Dolph Ziggler, even though he won the title. It's unfathomable how WWE gets in this situation. They have an exciting and entertaining concept but hold it down to the point of irrelevance. It's exactly what they've done to their secondary titles. I felt WWE had a great opportunity to put Rollins over at Night of Champions but they chose to leave the title on Brock Lesnar. The biggest cause for the Money in the Bank contract failures can be attributed to a lack of long-term planning. Anyone that wins the contract should have a long-term plan for success as a potential main eventer in place. To not do that is to WWE's own detriment.

Do you see Seth Rollins being built as the next CM Punk? There are so many similarities.

There are a lot of similarities between Seth Rollins and CM Punk and that's one of the takeaways I had from this promotional interview. Rollins was respectful but also honest. I can't stand it when workers "toe the company line" and refuse to be honest because it's very easy to see through when it happens. However, how about instead of Rollins being the next CM Punk, he's the first Seth Rollins? Rollins could actually have a higher ceiling but I believe Punk paved the way for such talent.

If Vince McMahon is desperate for star power, why not try to convince Sting to get on TV?

Vince McMahon realizes WWE's lack of overall star power and he's working to address the issue. Sting is 55 years old and only wants one more match. I don't see the benefit in putting him all over TV, other than taking away from a possible retirement match. I disagree with McMahon's approach in trying to solve the problem by putting Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair on TV, while keeping Brock Lesnar as champion. Why not look from within and push guys like Cesaro? The talent is there but there's an unexplainable resistance to do so. Bray Wyatt seemed to be breaking out but WWE just quit on him. The time from SummerSlam through the end of the year should be used to help create new stars before the build to Wrestlemania. WWE is doing the right thing with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose but there are others as well and the time is now!

Could we see The Boogeyman return to WWE TV anytime soon?

The Boogeyman Marty Wright was photographed at WWE headquarters over the weekend, used in a recent 30-second fury video and featured on a poster for WWE's "Pin to Win" contest. I could absolutely see a Halloween-related cameo but given his age, 50, I don't see much more than that. The Boogeyman was a great gimmick, so over-the-top it worked.

If Roman Reigns makes a surprise comeback and wins the 2015 Royal Rumble, do you think WWE will end up in the same situation as they were in with Daniel Bryan and Batista they were in this year?

We've talked about this before and I really don't think so. Batista was a different situation with countless other issues. Roman Reigns is drawing a fair share of detractors but even if he goes over in the Royal Rumble match, WWE would still be showing confidence in an up and coming worker. However, I will say the last memory the WWE audience has of Reigns isn't a good one.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2012: Why are Divas matches so short? - WWE Divas matches are limited due to time constraints. The WWE creative team has to work closely with production to get everything in. As you can imagine, Monday’s are very stressful due to going live on the USA Network and having to make sure to stay “on time.” Divas are not pushed based on athletic talent and in-ring performance so their matches are usually cut short as a result.

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