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Seth Rollins New Finisher? Cutting Back Part Timers? Ziggler Copying HBK? Can Anyone Beat Flair?

Seth Rollins

Welcome back again to another edition of Ask WNW. I can't believe it's already been a week since we officially re-launched the segment and I have to say I'm really pleased to see you all getting involved and giving your thoughts too. This segment is all about sparking debate and it's great to see how many of you are really passionate about the topics we cover and our answers. I'd encourage you all to submit questions for the future, especially if you never have before as we love hearing from you guys and seeing your opinions and thoughts too.

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Lets get things on the go with some questions and answers.

If and when Seth Rollins vs. Triple H comes up, will Seth have his own new finisher? Because I don't see him using the Pedigree against Triple H?

I think that all depends on how the feud is booked. At the minute I'd be happy to see Seth continue to use the Pedigree as his finisher because it keeps that association with Triple H in your mind. Then when the point comes for them to face off in a match I would want to see Seth hit the Pedigree on Triple H as there is nothing more outrageous and insulting than having a guy use your own finishing move on you. The likelihood is Seth is going to play the role of the antagonist, especially with him being so over as a heel right now. I wouldn't even be surprised to see things go as far as Triple H has the Pedigree banned from a match or the two face off over who has the rights to use the move. Until the feud begins to fully play out it's hard to say but at this time I don't see there being much need to change the finisher of Rollins.

With the injury of Sting after Night of Champions, do you see WWE cutting back on old part timers after the incident like Undertaker?

No I don't see that WWE would cut back on part timers. And nor should they need to. Injuries can happen at any moment in the ring, even on a move as basic as a simple clothesline. At 56 years of age Sting probably shouldn't be taking turnbuckle power bomb bumps but at the same time if he feels comfortable doing it then I would be happy to let him, unless the same injuries happen to others. To be honest I was surprised a little to see Seth hit the same move on John Cena during their match on Raw. Undertaker suffered a concussion against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, but since then he seems to have been fine. People speculated he was injured during his last encounter he had with Lesnar after Taker collapsed toward the top of the entrance ramp but I believe he was just selling. Until we know the long term repercussions of the injury to Sting we shouldn't jump the gun and tar all the older part timers with the same brush as being a bigger injury risk.

First it was the super kick. Now it's the tights and vest. What is your take on Dolph Ziggler's obvious image copying of HBK?

I really thought about this at Night of Champions when Dolph came out to the ring and did think there was a serious Shawn Michaels inspired look to him. The thing about Dolph is he is one of the best competitors WWE has in the ring, which is something Shawn Michaels was, which earned him the moniker of Mr. Wrestlemania for his show stealing performances. I look at it this way; if you're Shawn Michaels you should probably take it as a compliment that there is a top guy wanting to emulate you because it keeps you in the minds of fans. While Ziggler does have the Shawn Michaels image I don't feel it is hurting him because he is trying to be Dolph Ziggler and not a carbon copy of HBK. If he was literally going through a whole HBK style gimmick and style then yes that would be a problem, but to me I think having that associated image can only help Ziggler.

Do you see John Cena, or anyone to the point, beating Ric Flair's record of title reigns? It seems WWE has put Cena on the back burner for a bit in the upper mid-card?

I think given the amount Cena has achieved in his WWE career and that he still has many more years left in the tank that it is inevitable that he passes Ric Flair's record of sixteen World Championship reigns. And that's a record I believe Cena deserves because he has worked so hard to earn that accolade. Other than Cena, at this point I can't see anyone else other than Triple H challenging for the record, but with Hunter's in-ring days appearing to be almost over I wouldn't bet my house on him like I would Cena. I guess WWE want to cool the jets a little on Cena, especially given he has been a mainstay in the main event scene for almost a decade now. Fans grew tired of seeing the same old story with Cena and it seems WWE has now recognised that fact. I would expect to see him win another WWE World Heavyweight Championship by, or just after Wrestlemania 32 or at Wrestlemania 33 latest and for a big deal to be made of the moment.

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