Seth Rollins Return? Bulldog In Hall Of Fame? Survivor Series Main Event Too Short? Undertaker's Wrestlemania 32 Opponent?

Seth Rollins

Do you think when Seth Rollins returns after he heals up he will return as a babyface and/or win back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

There's no doubt Seth will come back to a babyface reaction and huge pop. Anyone returning from such a horrific injury like he suffered is bound to. Remember when Triple H returned in 2002 after the quad tear? He was the most hated man in the business before that point. Same with Cena at the 2008 Royal Rumble; fans hate on Cena but that night he received one hell of a reaction. If Seth doesn't come back to a great a reaction then I would be surprised. My guess is to reintroduce him going after the Authority for seemingly just moving on without him.

As for Seth winning the title, anything is possible and he has a good case to go after the title again when he comes back but I would be reluctant to put it back on him straight away and to give him time to get back into ring shape properly before I even think about it due to the risk of re-injury. There's no question that Seth Rollins had a huge year in 2015 after he became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He became one of the best wrestlers in the industry and the top heel in WWE during that time. Unquestionably he will become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion again in the future but don't expect to see that until at least the end of 2016 or into 2017.

With JBL mentioning his name at least twice on Raw, could we finally see him inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Anything is possible but I wouldn't read too much into JBL mentioning the Bulldog twice as a sign he's finally going into the Hall of Fame. Does he deserve to be there? Absolutely he does and I genuinely hope this is the year he goes in as Davey Boy is one of the guys who deserves it from his sterling work with Dynamite Kidd as part of the British Bulldog's, as well as a singles career that saw him win the Intercontinental, Tag Team and European Championships along the way. But we all know that when it comes to the Hall of Fame it isn't always about merit and is more like a personal choice for Vince McMahon as to who he decides he believes is worthy of being inducted. If it was based on merit I can guarantee you it would not have taken as long for Randy Savage to be inducted, and I doubt Owen Hart would still be waiting to get in as well. I guess we will get our answer in 2016 when the names are announced for the next batch of inductees but until that time it's only speculation as to who will make up the class of 2016.

Who took the decision to have a ten minute long Pay Per View main event? Even with the Sheamus cash in the match was still shorter than most on the card. Were they too tired? Was one injured? There has to be an explanation?

There could be a number of reasons this match ran short that I feel we need to take into account. Firstly tiredness could have been an issue. Let's not forget WWE just recently completed a two week tour of Europe, held regular television tapings and house shows, and then organised a Pay Per View following the superstars return home. There is also the possibility that creatively the company decided a shorted match was the best option given they knew the cash in would happen. There could also be the possibility that other matches ran over their allotted time, which is of course going to mean something has to be cut short. It's unlikely the main event would be shortened due to this though so the only other possibility is an injury but neither man showed signs of this. I purely just feel it was a creative decision to have the match go shorter based on the amount of work both Reigns and Ambrose have put in over the last few weeks. Despite the fact you feel it came up short I think they two had a great match and really told a good story of two friends battling to become the number one in the industry. Where things head from here is anyone's guess but to really answer your question the decision to have a shorter match would most likely have been a creative call.

Will Undertaker wrestle Sting or Braun Strowman at Wrestlemania 32?

That's a question on everybody's minds right now; who will Undertaker face at Wrestlemania 32? The way everything is shaping up this looks to be the final curtain on a storied 25 year career. The way Undertaker stood in the ring on Sunday at Survivor Series taking in the adulation of the fans almost seemed to indicate to me this is potentially the beginning of the end of an era, which is a sad thought because like most of you I've been watching the Undertaker for over 20 years and I'm sure when the time for him to hang up those boots comes there will be a few tears shed around the world. Out of the two men named I'd prefer to see him face Sting, but that's not to say he will face either of them. Hopefully Undertaker gets to pick his final opponent if it's his final match, but if not I expect him to face Sting or John Cena as opposed to anyone else on the roster.

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