Shield Evaluations, Undertaker's Future, HHH's Dual Roles, Swagger Perseveres

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Adam Jones & Dean Ambrose

With Dean Ambrose getting a singles match against The Undertaker on this week's Smackdown, is this a sign that Vince McMahon and Triple H see him as the breakout star in the group?

All three members of The Shield are held in high regard. While the feeling before they debuted was that Roman Reigns had the most to prove, even he has drawn high marks from those within WWE and all are highly touted young workers. The fact Undertaker worked a singles match against Dean Ambrose goes to show how much he thinks of them as we heard he put the trio over in front of everyone after the match on this week's WWE Raw. I don't mind the classification of Ambrose as #1, Seth Rollins as #2 and Roman Reigns as #3 but I think all three are held in equal high regard and are looked at as future superstars as singles performers.

Normally after Wrestlemania The Undertaker just disappears out of thin air, but now he's worked two matches on free television. Will he work another PPV other than Wrestlemania or is he finished?

I'm under the impression Undertaker will be written off television following this week's Smackdown but you never know. He clearly has more left in the tank and the fact he worked two matches on free TV after Wrestlemania tells me he has another Wrestlemania bout left in him. I've heard some complain about Undertaker "wasting" matches on television and couldn't disagree more. He's in great shape and any situation that sees him work is a special treat. Undertaker knows what he is doing and I hope if you live in London you were at this week's tapings.

Does Triple H pickup dual paychecks for his multiple roles in WWE?

Yes, Triple H's Performer's Contract is different from his role as an executive officer and he is paid for both roles.

I was sure Jack Swagger would've been pulled back right after Wrestlemania because of the DUI. But it doesn't seem like WWE are going to change courses with him at all as he's still in the spotlight. What type of message does this send?

It's important to remember that Jack Swagger has not been convicted on the charge of Driving Under the Influence stemming from his arrest in February just days after winning the WWE Elimination Chamber. Swagger is set to take the charge to trial on June 25, 2013 (story here). WWE has been eerily quiet regarding the arrest as they only issued a very brief statement and have continued to book him in the top of the card. We were told it was just a situation of "innocent until proven guilty," however, while he's still booked in the top of the card he didn't get the nod as World Heavyweight Champion either.

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