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Shrinking Main Event Scene, Title Reign For Lesnar, Comparing Rose To Ryback, GFW TV, CM Punk At Payback?

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How do you think things are going now that WWE have combined both the WWE and World title? I thought at first it was a cool idea to give the title prestige, but now I am starting to feel that superstars such as Big Show, Mark Henry, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio are getting either less screen time or being put in a lower card. What are your thoughts?

Ironically enough this is the very argument I showcased in Monday's vault question. While I fully support unifying undercard titles (such as the US and IC belts), I enjoyed having both a WWE & World Heavyweight Championship. My argument was simple. Two world titles forced the company to have an expanded main event scene. When WWE unified them last December, some believed this would be the restoration of the Intercontinental Championship. That hasn't happened and we've witnessed the main event scene shrink just as I feared. The fact that Daniel Bryan is still carrying both belts (like Randy Orton carried both belts), gives hope to the notion they could split them again but I haven't heard anything about that lately.

Can we expect Brock Lesnar to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

The general belief within WWE is that Brock Lesnar will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion going into Wrestlemania 31 next year. I would actually go as far as to say WWE would be missing a major opportunity if they didn't put the strap on Lesnar for Wrestlemania. When Lesnar signed his contract extension with WWE in 2013 it was believed to include a title reign and I can't think of a better situation to follow-up on his defeat of the streak.

I personally think the Adam Rose character has potential to become extremely popular. Do you think WWE will screw this character up like they did with Ryback and Curtis Axel last year?

It's too early one way or the other to judge Adam Rose. People seem to either love the gimmick or hate it but I want to give it a couple of weeks to see what happens. His gimmick is what caused his stock to skyrocket down in NXT so the company obviously has high hopes for it. As for Ryback and Curtis Axel, neither were booked particularly well, however, both had more than enough opportunities to prove their worth. Ryback was given a singles match against Chris Jericho at WWE Money in the Bank last year where he was booked over. He wasn't put in the impossible task of working the main event nor was he faced with taking a loss. He didn't make much of that opportunity.

Do you see Global Force Wrestling getting a national television deal?

I certainly think it's a good possibility that Global Force Wrestling gets a TV deal. They have a significant financial backer in Toby Keith and a legitimate executive producer in David Broome. All they need now is a good talent roster and a place to tape and they should have more than enough to pitch a viable TV program. Jeff Jarrett did it for TNA a decade ago, why couldn't he do it again?

Is there any chance CM Punk comes back for WWE Payback in Chicago on June 1?

Believe it or not, I've received this question multiple times. Anything is possible and it'd be foolish to completely rule CM Punk out for WWE Payback. Like we've talked about on numerous occasions, Vince McMahon made a strong effort to bring Punk back for Raw in Chicago on March 3 and it obviously didn't work out. Punk is under WWE contract until July and Vince still hopes to re-sign him. If an agreement can be reached, there would be no better time to restart on him then June 1 in Chicago, however, there has been no communication with Punk at this time.

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