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Skip Sheffield's Injury, Cody Rhodes Elevated, Shawn Michaels In WWE, Horrible Booking In TNA

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What is the latest on Skip Sheffield's injury status and his in-ring return?

We get emails all the time about Skip Sheffield but there isn't much new to report. Sheffield underwent a third surgery on his ankle in June and provided an update in May. Since then, all Tweets have been deleted from his Twitter account.

Do you think Cody Rhodes is going to get a run as World Heavyweight Champion?

WWE is currently in the process of elevating Cody Rhodes (hence the program with Randy Orton). They've tested the waters in elevating him before but he's talented enough where it will eventually stick. I like the gimmick transition from "dashing" to "demented" and feel like he has a bright future in WWE.

Could Shawn Michaels ever return to WWE, even under a Legend's contract?

Shawn Michaels is retired from the ring but he has a very good relationship with WWE. Not only is he close with Vince McMahon but Triple H is his real-life best friend. While it is unlikely Shawn ever wrestles again, we all know it's not a good idea to say someone is "never" going to return. I have always felt like Shawn will end up with an executive position at some point if he wants it. He would probably be a good person to run talent relations but that's just speculation on my part.

OK I have a feeling this isn't going to be pretty but James Storm is TNA Champion - what are your thoughts?

I have no problems with James Storm. He's a talented wrestler, a homegrown performer and it's about time a TNA original gets a rub in a company dominated by re-treaded talent. However, there is no way to explain several months of build for Bobby Roode, going under Kurt Angle at the company's biggest show of the year, only for Storm to go over in two minutes on free taped television. Call me a mark for "not getting the big picture" but I've talked to experienced bookers that have worked for WWE and they cannot explain it either. While the most optimistic of fans is hoping for an entertaining program between Roode and Storm, it's still the guy that got beat by Angle versus the guy that beat him in two minutes. If they wanted to do Roode/Storm for the title, Roode had to go over at Bound for Glory. There is no storyline that can fix the mistake of Angle over Roode if they were going to take the belt off Angle. It's just bad booking.

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